Elon Musk’s response to McDonald’s tweet suddenly increased the price of Dogecoin

McDonald’s recent tweet has made a tremendous impact on the price of Dogecoin. A new tweet from the global fast-food giant has convinced Dogecoin fans that McDonald’s will start accepting DOGE for payments very soon. After creating a flutter in the crypto market with one of its tweets in late January, the company posted another tweet late Saturday, which also received a reply from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and soon the series of tweets went viral. Went.

A cryptic tweet from McDonald’s shared an image showing a drive-thru machine and the number “2.13.22” in the image, which is the date for this year’s Super Bowl. Is. In another reply to this tweet, the company has shared its new teaser, which shows many big personalities placing orders at McDonald’s. In this tweet, the company wrote at 6:20 pm (ET), which is 10 minutes before the official time of the start of Super Bowl LVI, according to CBS Sports. The teaser also featured American producer, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West.

DOGE co-creator Billy Markus with his Twitter followers Asked That’s why people thought McDonald’s was going to accept DOGE.

In fact, this McDonald’s tweet did not hide any message about Dogecoin, but perhaps Elon Musk’s sharing of a ‘sweat drop’ emoji while replying to the tweet seemed to be a signal to DOGE fans. At the end of January, Musk tweeted that if McDonald’s accepts DodgeCoin, he will eat a ‘Happy Meal’ (a combo meal sold by McDonald’s) on TV. Soon after this tweet, a sudden surge was seen in this popular meme-coin.

This could be the reason why the price of Dodgecoin suddenly increased as soon as this series of tweets went viral. Gadgets 360’s crypto price tracker shows that DOGE saw an increase of 5.46 percent in price during Sunday.<!–