ENG vs NED: The habit of breaking on bowlers with the first ball, learned cricket by staying in another country for 6 years, now hit 122 runs

Phil Salt played a stormy innings against the Netherlands. (Pic Credit ECB Twitter)

This batsman of England Cricket Team played a strong innings against the Netherlands and saved his team from getting into trouble. The batsman, who came to open the innings, made a double century partnership with his partner.

Cricket is very fast at the present time. That is, here the batsmen try to score runs at the speed of the storm. However, no matter how stormy the batsman is, he does take some time to establish his feet. Sees a few balls and then shows his stormy style after freezing his eyes. But there is a batsman who attacks with the very first ball. If a bowler sees this player’s strike of the first 10 balls, then he may be in trouble. Now this player has played another stormy innings. The name of this player is from England Phil Salt(Phil Salt). The teams of England and Netherlands (ENG vs NED) are currently playing the first ODI match. In this match, Salt has fiercely sprinkled salt on the wounds of the Netherlands.

Salt has batted stormy in this match. This right-handed batsman has scored 122 runs against the Netherlands. In this innings, he faced 93 balls and hit 14 fours and three sixes. During this his strike rate is 131.18. This innings of Salt came when England needed it. England had lost the wicket of Jason Roy in the second over. He was out after scoring one run. David Malan supported him in this. Malan and Salt added 222 runs for the second wicket.

statistics are dangerous

Salt is famous among his friends for his habit of hitting fours on the first ball. Luke Wright, his Sussex County teammate, once said of Salt, “He is very dangerous and scary for the front team. He tries to hit a four on the first ball, and does it most of the times. If Salt is standing, he won’t take too many balls.”

If we look at the statistics of all T20 matches from 2019, then Salt has the highest strike rate in the first 10 balls. During the first 10 balls, the strike rate of this batsman has been 149.30. These figures show how dangerous the salts are.

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Learn cricket in West Indies

Salt learned the nuances of cricket not in England but in Barbados, West Indies. He was born in Wales but moved to Barbados when he was nine-10 years old and lived there until he was 15. The reason for this was his father’s work. Going there, his focus shifted to cricket more than football and from here Salt decided to become a cricketer. From there he got a scholarship at Reed School in Surrey.