England’s big players can give a big blow to their board

The England Cricket Board, which has suffered the loss of the cancellation of the last match of the Test series played against India, is now caught in a new screw. Ashes Series There is still a long time left for (Ashes Series) to happen, but before that a big update is coming out about the players. If recent media reports are to be believed, the players who are part of this series can withdraw their names. What is the full reason for this, know through this special report of ours….

English Board and Australia may get a setback

Actually Ashes Series Boycott will start at the end of this year. But, it has already been embroiled in controversies. According to the kind of report that is coming out, then the top players of England (England vs Australia) can boycott the Ashes series to be held in Australia later this year. The reason behind this is the strict rules related to Quarantine in Australia. In such a situation, English players do not want to stay in hotel rooms for 4 months.

According to the news coming from ESPN Cricinfo, the England and Wales Cricket Board is still insisting on sending its big players to Australia to be a part of this series and about postponing this series. No planning done yet. Due to which senior players and support staff are also expressing their displeasure. According to the report, ‘After talks between the team and the ECB officials, the chances of playing a weak English team in the Ashes have increased.’

English players may boycott Ashes series

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At present, the players of the English team are still angry with the behavior of the ECB. Because he has vehemently rejected their demand to postpone the tour partially or completely. It has also been claimed in the released report that, ‘As a result, they are considering their options, which is understood to include taking a collective decision to boycott the tour of the entire team. It also has the approval of coaching and support staff. If this happens, then it will be no less than a big setback for the ECB and Cricket Australia.

English players are not liking Australia’s tough bio bubble

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Actually talking about Australia, the rules related to the quarantine here are very strict. About which the players of England are very disappointed. According to the report, the English players will be kept in a hotel-like resort in the Gold Coast. Not only this, players will be able to come out of their hotel room for training only for 2 or 3 hours. It is also being said that players may have to face a tough bio bubble. Apart from this, the players will also have to spend 14 days in the quarantine of their families in the hotel room.

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Let us tell you that many players of England are also participating in the second half of the Indian Premier League 2021. After that he will play T20 World Cup directly. In both these tournaments also, the player and his family will face the bio bubble. After this, there are such strict quarantine rules for the Ashes series, which are not liked by the English players.

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