ESIC Covid Benefits: Good news for lakhs of workers, if death due to corona, mother, wife, son, daughter will all get pension

ESIC Pension Scheme: The government has announced many reliefs in the midst of the Corona Crisis. Recently, the government had changed the rules regarding ESIC pension. It was said on behalf of the Labor Ministry that if a worker dies due to corona and is covered under ESIC, then he will get the benefit of ESIC pension. However, some conditions have also been included with this. Let us know about this rule.

This immediate change has been made in the rules with the aim of supporting the families of those who are connected under the ESIC scheme during the Corona crisis. The new rule has been implemented from 24 March 2020 and will be applicable for the next two years i.e. till 24 March 2022. Before getting the benefit of ESIC Pension, let us know about the necessary conditions. The first eligibility condition is that the registration of the Insured Person (IP) on the ESIC portal should be at least three months before the Kovid detection. The second condition is that the contribution of the insured person should be at least 78 days in one year before the death. If both the conditions are fulfilled then the victim’s family will get the benefit of pension.

How much will you get pension?

Under the ESIC Pension Scheme, 90 percent of the average daily wage will be available as pension. If the average wage of a worker is 20 thousand rupees, then his family will get a total of 18000 rupees every month as pension and assistance. A rule has also been given for extracting the average wage. There are two contribution periods in every financial year. The first contribution period is from April to September. The second contribution period is from October to March. For the April-September contribution period, the period from January-June of the coming year is called the benefit period. Similarly, for the October-March contribution period, July to December of that year is called the benefit period. For IP, the average salary of the last contribution period will be the basis of pension.

Who gets the benefit of pension?

If the insured person was married, then his pension would be divided among the wife, mother, son and daughter. The wife will get 60 percent of the pension rate for life time. The mother will get 40 percent of the pension rate for the whole life. The son will get 40 percent of the pension rate till he completes 25 years while the daughter will get the benefit of pension till she gets married. The pension rate is 90 percent of the average wage. Another thing to keep in mind is that the total pension amount cannot be more than the pension rate. If it is more then it will be deducted.

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