Ether and NFT worth 438000 stolen in phishing attack on Beeple’s Twitter account

The account of digital artist Mike Winkelmann, who identifies as Beeple on the micro-blogging site Twitter, has become a victim of a phishing attack on this platform. Around $438,000 worth of Ether and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were stolen. This phishing attack was carried out using a forged link.

NFT artist Beeple and others have given information about this phishing attack on Twitter. It is said that a fake link was briefly shared from Beeple’s account that appeared to be a website collaborating with fashion designer Louis Vuitton. The crypto assets of the users who clicked this link have been stolen. MetaMask security expert Harry Denley said that an Ether was automatically removed from their wallets when users clicked on the link. Beeple did an NFT collaboration last month for a mobile game by luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton.

Denley had told in the tweet that after the first attack, the attackers have done more damage to the users in another attack. 36 Ether worth over $70,000 in the first attack and over $3,60,000 in the second attack ether And NFTs have been stolen. Beeple has over 4,72,000 followers on Twitter. He later tweeted that his account has now been fixed and it has been brought under control. Beeple came into the limelight in March last year when one of his art-linked NFTs was sold by auction firm Christie’s for around $69 million.

In recent months, NFT-related spam and hack cases have increased. According to a report, in the first four months of this year, around $52 million was lost in NFT hacks. Last year, over $7 lakh was stolen in such attacks on the NFT segment. Regulators have called for increased scrutiny of hacks involving the crypto and NFT segments. These types of hacks often make it difficult to recover the stolen funds. Hackers use methods that are difficult to track to transfer this fund.



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