Exam or joke! Kept the children in the center for 7 hours, then said – CUET Cancel

In Phase 2, on the second day also, thousands of students had to face difficulties in the CUET exam. CUET exam has been canceled at many centres. The anger of the students on NTA is increasing.

Then CUET exam postponed, student-parents furious over NTA’s negligence

Image Credit source: TV9 Hindi

Imagine… you have been preparing for an exam for months, on which your entire future career rests. The date of the exam comes and a day before the exam it comes to know that your center has changed. Well… As for the future, you hurriedly reach the new center at 7 am on the day of the exam. Because the exam is from 9 o’clock. Entry is also done in the center. You have only admit card, pen-pencil in your hand. It’s 9 o’clock, but the exam has not started. Time is passing, but there is no preparation for the examination at the centre. Suddenly 3..4..5 and 6 hours passed. You are sitting hungry and thirsty, worried – why the exam is not starting. Will it happen or not. But no one is going to tell anything. Then after 7 hours a man comes out and says, ‘There will be no exam today. take to one’s legs.’ How will be your reaction?

It’s not a story.. it’s reality CUET Exam Of. After 12th, CUET exam is being taken for UG admission in other universities including Delhi University. NTA is taking this exam. CUET Phase 2 exam has started from 4th August and from the first day it is facing continuous problems. Alam is that children and parents are not able to understand whether this exam is happening or a joke.

Two days.. CUET canceled at many centers, no further details

On August 4, when the students arrived for the examination in the morning at a center in Noida, there was a lock hanging there. A notice was pasted, on which it was written – ‘Due to technical fault, the examination will not be held today. Sorry for the inconvenience.’ The children returned disappointed.

Then on 5th August the same story was repeated. Worse than that. Children reached the Asia Pacific Institute of Management in Delhi’s Sarita Vihar at 7 am. Got entry into the center. But the exam has not even started. Students told that ‘someone said that Google Chrome is not downloaded on the system, then someone said that there is a technical fault. NTA changed our center from Gurgaon to here a day or two ago. We sat hungry and thirsty for 7 hours in the sun and rain, waiting for the exam. Our parents stood outside. But neither there was any hearing at the center nor was there any help from NTA.

CUET Twitter Trend

Similarly, in many other cities of the country including Noida Sector 62, a large number of students have also faced a lot of problems at the centers. There is also outrage on Twitter about this. Lakhs of students and their parents are angry. Especially due to the negligence of the National Testing Agency and no hearing or action by the Education Minister.

CUET UG Phase 2 exam is yet to be held till August 20. But the children do not know what will happen next. If they go to give the exam with full preparation, but whether the exam will take place or not. At the same time, NTA has said that those whose CUET exam has been canceled, their exam will be held between August 12 and 14. This admit card will come in handy.