Exclusive: Had it not been for my friendship with Shaleen, I could have reached the finale of Bigg Boss 16 – Tina Dutta

Tina Dutta has been in the Bigg Boss 16 house for almost 17 weeks. In a special conversation with Tv9, he shared many interesting things about his journey.

Tina Dutta

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From Colors TV reality show Bigg Boss 16 Tina Dutta Have become evicts. However, this beautiful actress of Uttaran fame was considered to be one of the finalists of the show and that is the reason why Tina’s fans got a big shock due to her exit. In an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Tina Dutta said that “If Shaleen was not with him, his Bigg Boss journey would not have ended here, his journey would have been even more spectacular. I would have definitely reached the finals.”

Tina Dutta says that if there was no friendship with Shaleen, many things would have been very good for me. Many times Tina Dutta has been accused of making her strategy for the camera and looking at the camera. Giving her clarification about this, Tina says that these words are often heard in Bigg Boss that “it is being done for the footage. It is being done to appear in the camera, but to be honest, whatever we do in that house, we do it only for the footage.

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Further Tina says that “In Bigg Boss house we laugh, play, task, prepare, all that happens for the camera, haven’t we all gone to the house to appear in the camera ? So this thing seems funny, when someone says that you are fighting for the camera, obviously there are no fights for the camera, but we will definitely try to convey our point of view to the audience, right? We have come on this show to put our point in front of them and connect with the fans in a better way. That’s why it is wrong to speak like this.

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