Exclusive: Ravi Dahiya made golden bets in Birmingham, Sushil Kumar jumped with joy in Tihar

Does an undertrial prisoner like Sushil Kumar have the right to express his happiness in jail like this? When asked, former legal advisor of Tihar Jail Sunil Gupta said, “Why there is no right. There is a right. Facility of TV (cell) is given legally in the chakki of undertrial prisoners.

Sushil Kumar and Ravi Dahiya (file photo)

Ravi Dahiya, who has put a gold medal in India’s bag in the Tokyo Olympics, played the ‘golden’ stake in the Commonwealth Games on Saturday night. Similarly, a wave of happiness ran in India. A wave of happiness ran in India so it ran. There must have been no limit to the happiness of former Olympian Sushil Kumar, who was lodged inside Jail No.-2 of Tihar, which is called Asia’s No.1. The relationship between Sushil Kumar and Ravi Dahiya with elder and younger brother is well known. Sushil has always been heard and seen calling Ravi as ‘my younger brother’. In such a situation, it can be guessed that, to what extent the news of Ravi Dahiya’s golden bet would have left Sushil Kumar locked inside Tihar!

It is important to mention here that Sushil Kumar has been imprisoned in the dungeon of Tihar since last year (from the middle of 2022). He was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police in the murder of young wrestler Sagar Dhankhar. Sagar Dhankhar is accused of lynching after being surrounded by Sushil and his associates at Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi. At present, Sushil Kumar is lodged as an undertrial prisoner in the Chakki (cell) of Jail No. 2 of Tihar. Now in such a situation, the question must be coming in one’s mind that what is the relation of any Commonwealth Games gold medalist wrestler from Tihar, Ravi Dahiya?

Sushil saw Ravi’s match in Tihar Jail

According to highly placed sources of Tihar Jail itself, even while being in jail, Sushil Kumar takes great interest in watching the ongoing Commonwealth Games these days. Especially when Ravi Dahiya played the golden bet on Saturday night, Sushil’s happiness knew no bounds. However, no one is ready to speak openly on this issue. But jail sources tell that Sushil Kumar is allowed to watch TV in his cell. So in such a situation, he looked very happy in jail for the whole day on Saturday. Just in the hope that his favorite wrestler Ravi Dahiya will do something big in the night match. According to Tihar Jail sources, Sushil’s arms blossomed as soon as Ravi Dahiya struck gold on the seven seas.

The sounds of applause also started coming from his barracks (jail cell). However, this is not confirmed by the Tihar Jail Administration. Yes, jail sources believe that as soon as Ravi Dahiya won the gold, voices of happiness started coming from Sushil Kumar’s cell late on Saturday night. In fact, ever since the news reached Sushil inside the jail that his favorite Ravi Dahiya has qualified for the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games. Since then, Sushil Kumar’s condition was in disarray due to happiness. He forgot all the hassle of jail. They were just waiting to see the wonder of Ravi Dahiya with their own eyes in any way.

Ravi Dahiya gave the biggest gift to Sushil

It is important to mention here that, ever since Sushil Kumar has reached inside the jail, no one has given him a gift of Ravi Dahiya (to wrestler Sushil Kumar imprisoned in bars). So in such a situation, where can any limit of happiness be measured? According to jail sources, as soon as Ravi Dahiya gave a tremendous thrashing to the Nigerian wrestler at the beginning of the match on Saturday night. Even after being locked in jail, the fists of Sushil’s hands clenched in joy while gazing at the TV. Ravi Dahiya took a 10 point lead by placing a bet. With this, Indian wrestler Dahiya won gold by achieving technical superiority in the weight category of 57 kg. Ravi Dahiya has won all his matches of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games with technical superiority.

That is, he defeated every wrestler by a difference of 10 points. Earlier in the semi-final, Ravi defeated Ali Asad of Pakistan 14-4. Ravi Dahiya defeated Suraj Singh of New Zealand 10-0 in the quarter-finals. The Nigerian wrestler who was defeated by Ravi Dahiya at the bottom of the golden stake, Abikevenimo Welson. If sources in Tihar are to be believed, Sushil Kumar also got emotional many times while watching the live match.

Sushil also saw Ravi’s match in the Olympics

It is worth mentioning here that last year when Ravi Dahiya of India lost in the final match when wrestler close to Sushil Kumar in Tokyo Olympics. Even then Sushil Kumar had seen his match live on TV in jail itself. Sushil had tears in his eyes after seeing the gold medal coming out of Ravi Dahiya’s hand in that match. It can be guessed from this that, when Sushil would have seen Ravi Dahiya’s golden bet with his own eyes in Tihar on Saturday night, then where would there be any limit to his happiness?

Is Sushil Kumar allowed to watch TV?

Does an undertrial prisoner like Sushil Kumar have the right to express his happiness in jail like this? When asked, former legal advisor of Tihar Jail, Sunil Gupta told TV9 Bharatvarsh on Saturday, “Why there is no right. is entitled. The facility of (cell) TV is legally provided in the mill of undertrial prisoners. Yes, not all channels come on TV in jail. Only a few selected channels are allowed to watch. Of these, there are also 5-6 channels of sports. Ravi Dahiya got the medal in the Commonwealth Games on Saturday, so can a prisoner watch TV for so long? When asked, Sunil Gupta said, “I think watching TV in jail is allowed till the time Ravi Dahiya won the gold medal.”