Explained: What is the fund of the first copy of branded companies, how are they so cheap, what is the scam behind it?

A person supplying to Bihar by bringing such copy products from Delhi and Kolkata told us that there are two types of copy products of branded companies – First Copy and Second Copy.

Who is not fond of branded items, but they are expensive too (PS: TV9 Gfx/Pexels)

Sujit: Man did you see this Rahul? Yesterday again he bought Gucci shirt pants and new Nike shoes. He told that the entire 33 thousand was spent. Last Sunday, he also took Samsung’s Neo LED Smart TV. Tell me one thing, from where does he bring money for such expensive-expensive brands every week. That’s not even his salary!

Rohit: Oh you too Sujit! Where are you in his words? He keeps on throwing like this. The products of the real brand are not few, they have them. Most are either first copy or second copy products. Talking about Nike shoes and Gucci clothes, he would not have spent even 3000 except 33 thousand!

The purpose of the conversation that we have shared between Sujit and Rohit above with you is to tell you about the First Copy and Second Copy products sold in the name of branded companies. You’ve probably heard of them too! And if you have not heard, then we are telling you, its full fund.

What are copy products?

See, hobby is a big thing. Many people wish to wear clothes, shoes, glasses, etc. of well-known brands, but their prices are very high. In such a situation, not everyone is able to buy branded products. So this is where the game of copy products begins.

The products of a big company or big brand are very popular. From Shahrukh, Deepika and Virat Kohli to Amitabh Bachchan, big celebrities promote these companies. That’s why every section likes them. But due to being expensive, it is not possible for people with low budget to buy them.

So targeting these cheap items are made like big brands. That’s what copy products are. Lower middle class people and people with low budget are also able to buy these products easily.

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Two types of copy products

There are many shopkeepers, who sell copy products of reputed companies. Like you have seen some glasses of Ray Ban, which cost around Rs 7000. You don’t want to pay that much money. In such a situation, the shopkeeper tells you that beans will give you the same glasses for 800 rupees. Similarly, copy products of big brands like shoes, clothes, watches, gadgets etc. are easily available.

You know about copy products. Now know that these are also of two types. A person supplying to Bihar by bringing such copy products from Delhi and Kolkata told us that there are two types of copy products of branded companies- First Copy And Second Copy, Many times people get confused about these two. Next we will know about both.

Know about First Copy Products

It is difficult to differentiate between branded and ‘first copy’ products that are made by copying a big brand. Although quality may not be the same, but both look and feel are the same. From the production of these products to their packaging, everything is taken care of. Such as stickers, brochures, tags, packing and so on.

However, their durability is less. They do not have to spend on branding or promotion. These are sold under the name of duplicate brand. Due to their look like the original, they get a good sale. You must have seen such products in many places in Delhi too!

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Now understand the scam of second copy

The quality of first copy products may not be exactly the same as branded items, but according to the price, their endings remain fine. That is, customers can also use them for a good time. They don’t have much trouble. But second copy products are not even branded like first copy. Their quality is gone.

Second copy products may look like branded, but are not good in terms of quality. There is a lot of confusion with these products. They look like branded from a distance, but when they come in hand, their distinction starts to open. Their packaging is also not good.

The cost is very low, the quality is not good!

Second copy products can only be used for show, but they prove to be useless compared to first copy. In such a situation, the cost in both types of copy products is very low compared to branded, so these products are very cheap.

However, if someone sells these products as branded or original, then it will be a legal offense. If companies want, they can sue for copyright and duplication. We will tell you about the rules and regulations in this regard in detail, in a separate report of its knowledge section itself. Till then keep reading TV9 Bharatvarsh Hindi digital platform of www.tv9hindi.com.

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