Fake reviews on e-commerce platforms will be curbed, government will soon develop special framework

Fake reviews will be curbed

The consumer affairs ministry has feared that fake reviews on e-commerce platforms may lead customers to make wrong purchases. That’s why it is necessary to take action against them.

Attempts to increase sales through fake reviews on e-commerce platforms will soon be curbed. In fact, the government is going to prepare a framework in view of the impact on the interests of the customers. The Central Government on Saturday said that to protect the interests of consumers, it online sales forums ,e-commerce website) Fake reviews of products and services on (fake reviews) Will develop a format to prohibit posting. Ministry of Consumer Affairs (consumer affairs ministry) on Friday held a virtual meeting with the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) to discuss the issue of curbing the tendency to mislead potential customers with fake reviews. Representatives of e-commerce companies and other related parties were also present in this meeting. An official statement issued by the ministry said that the meeting also took note of the nature of precautionary measures to check fake reviews. The ministry will come up with a draft after studying the existing arrangements to check fake reviews.

Fear of making wrong decisions from fake reviews

In fact, due to the lack of visibility of the products, the potential customers make a decision through the posted reviews about that product before making a purchase on the e-commerce forums. In this situation, bogus reviews lead these customers to make the wrong purchase. Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary, Ministry said, “Ensuring the credibility of customers who post their reviews about products and services on e-commerce platforms and fixing the platform’s accountability are two important aspects of this issue.” Along with this, e-commerce companies will have to explain how they select the ‘most relevant reviews’ in a fair and transparent manner. All the parties involved in the meeting have been asked to advise in this regard. Based on that, the ministry will prepare a legal draft to protect consumer interests. Manisha Kapoor, chief executive of ASCI, the country’s advertising watchdog, pointed to the ill effects of fake and misleading reviews on e-commerce platforms on consumer interest.

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Complaints of fake reviews received

In fact, there are frequent complaints of fake reviews. At the same time, it has also been revealed in the reports of media institutions that many agencies get fake reviews done by taking money. According to a news in foreign media, some organizations were offering the product of a particular company to the customers for free. In return they were asked to give a positive review about the product. So that other customers get inspired and buy that product.