Fan tried to take selfie with Bebo, users said – it is not public property

Fans harassed her a lot while being photographed with her at the airport last night, but she did not react at all. Bebo is being praised for her behavior.

Kareena Kapoor dominated the internet

Image Credit source: Instagram

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one such face of the industry who is glamorous as well as extremely talented. Belonging to Kapoor family Bebo aka Kareena Its popularity lives on the seventh sky. Be it fashion sense or a film actress, for some reason or the other, she remains in the headlines. But this time the reason is something else. Recently Kareena Kapoor was spotted at the airport. Where his crazy fans crowded on seeing him. But during this time the actress won the hearts of the people with her behavior. So let’s know what Bebo has done that she is becoming so viral.

Actually, people harassed him while posing with him at the airport, but he did not react to it at all. This viral video is from Mumbai airport on Sunday night. Where Bebo’s fans forced her to take a selfie. In such a situation, instead of getting angry, Kareena took a selfie with him.

We often see many videos on social media where fans harass their celebs so much that they get angry on them. But, without showing anger, Bebo took the photo, ignoring the actions of the fans. This is the reason why this behavior of the actress is being praised a lot on social media.

Watch Kareena’s viral video here

Users furious on social media

After the video went viral, people are venting their anger on social media. Users are giving reactions in defense of Kareena. One user wrote that ‘Bebo was scared’. So on the other hand, another has written that, ‘Dude, that is not public property’. Another user has written, ‘There is a limit, some people are completely ignorant’. Whereas some people say that if there was a male actor in place of Kareena, she would not have had that much courage.

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Bebo looked cool

During this Kareena Kapoor Khan She appeared in a very simple style. In the video going viral, Kareena is seen wearing a sleeveless sweater with a white shirt. Also, she has carried track pants and white shoes. Not only this, Bebo, who gave an example of beauty, has tied her hair with a bun as usual this time too. She has also put on sunglasses, this white cool look of Kareena is being liked by her fans.