Fans came out in support of Suresh Raina, said ‘I am also a Brahmin’

Former Cricketer of Indian Cricket Team Suresh Raina Earlier, the player had to face a lot of trolling on social media regarding the statement of ‘Brahmin’ of (Suresh Raina). Raina was scolded by the Leftists. But now the fans have come out in support of Raina. Fans are seen supporting the player through the hashtag ‘Main Bhi Brahmin’ on Twitter. They believe that if someone tells his caste, then what is wrong in it.

Where did Suresh Raina’s ‘Brahmin’ controversy arise from?

While Suresh Raina faced criticism for his ‘Brahmin’ statement, now people have come out in large numbers in his support on social media. But do you know when and from where did this matter start? Actually, during the TNPL match, a commentator asked Raina, how he has adopted South Indian culture.

In response, Suresh Raina said, ‘I think I am also a Brahmin. I have been playing in Chennai since 2004. I love the culture here. I love my comrades. I have played with Anirudh Srikkanth. Subramaniam Badrinath and L Balaji are also there. I like the culture of Chennai. I am lucky to be a part of CSK.

What was it then, this statement of Raina became viral on sight and a controversy broke out. At present, #I_Bhi_Brahmin is trending fast on Twitter, in which a large number of people are seen in support of Raina. Former cricketer Kirti Azad has also tweeted in support of Raina.

‘Main Bhi Brahmin’ hashtag goes in support of Suresh Raina


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