Farmani Naaz’s new song released, there was a ruckus about ‘Har Har Shambhu’ hymn

YouTuber Farmani Naaz’s new song has been released. This song of his is also being liked a lot. He recently sang the hymn ‘Har Har Shambhu’, about which there was a controversy.

farmani naaz

YouTuber came into the limelight by singing the hymn ‘Har Har Shambhu’ farmani naaz The new song has arrived. This song has been uploaded on his YouTube channel today. The lyrics of this song are- No prophet like my government. It is written with the song that friends, we make videos for you, so please support as much as possible to entertain you.

This song of his is also being liked a lot. In a short time, close to 7 thousand people have seen it. More than 1500 likes have been received and close to 200 comments have come. One wrote that you have a very beautiful voice, sister. May the blessings of Mahadev always be with you. There is another comment that there was a new freshness and joy in the soul after hearing this kalam in a very wonderful way and in a velvet-like voice, MashaAllah. One wrote that I am from Nepal, but your voice is very beautiful.

Most Viewed Har Har Shambhu Bhajan

She had come under the target of some people for singing the hymn ‘Har Har Shambhu’ in the month of Savan. However, it did not have much effect on them. He said that the artist has no religion. He also got a lot of support from the people. This hymn of his was seen the most. This bhajan has been seen the most on his channel. More than 50 lakh people have seen this hymn. by this Farmani’s channel Has also got a lot of height. He has 3.99 million subscribers.

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After the controversy over the song, his entire team made a video and told how and when this hymn was composed. He told that he is not going to stop because of some people. Another hymn of his is coming soon. He sought everyone’s support. Farmani also appeared in Indian Idol in 20202. In 2019, her husband left her. His child has a throat problem since birth, for which he needed money. For that only she reached Indian Idol. Her husband had also left her.