Fascism and Hindutva Question: ‘Fascism-Nazism and Hindutva have similarities?’ UGC sent notice on the question asked in university exam, faculty suspended

Controversy over the question asked in Sharda University BA Political Science exam (file photo)

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Sharda University Exam Controversy: There has been a ruckus on a question asked in Sharda University’s BA Political Science examination. UGC has sent a notice to the university and sought a report on this whole issue. Strict action has also been talked about. Read full news.

Fascism and Hindutva Controversy: Sharda, a private university located in Greater Noida, is surrounded by controversies these days. The reason is Sharda University Semester Exam (Sharda University) A question asked in. There was such an uproar on this question that the university had to suspend one of its faculty members. University Grants Commission (UGC) sent a notice to the university and said that strict action should be taken against the guilty. Asked to take such steps so that such cases do not happen again in future. Along with this, the UGC has investigated the whole matter and sought a report on it. Know the full issue further…

Question asked in BA Political Science exam

A few days ago, the semester examinations were held in Sharda University. In the paper Political Ideology of BA Political Science 1st year exam, a question was asked on Fascism/Nazism and Hindutva, which started the whole controversy. The question was – ‘Do you find any similarity between Fascism/Nazism and Hindu Right Wing i.e. Hindutva? Discuss it with logic.

Sharda University took action

This question asked in the examination created a big ruckus, after which the university had to issue a statement. The university said that a committee of three members (senior faculty members) has been constituted to investigate the matter. The university also suspended a faculty related to this issue. Also expressing regret over the incident said that ‘the university opposes anything that harms the national values, culture and our national identity of the country’.

Students protested, UGC sought report

The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Monday wrote a letter to the VC of Sharda University, seeking a report on the action taken on the entire matter. Along with this, it was also asked that what steps the university is taking so that such incident does not happen again in future?

UGC secretary Rajneesh Jain wrote to the university, ‘It has come to our knowledge through media that a question in your university’s BA Political Science first year examination was objectionable. It is also learned that the students also opposed this question and complained to the university. Needless to say that asking such questions to students is against the values ​​and spirit of our country which is known for equity and inclusiveness. Such a question should not have been asked.