Father worked as a laborer, now daughter won gold with record breaking performance

Today the whole country is saluting the struggle of Munita Prajapati and her family. He created history in National Games 2022

Munita Prajapati has created history

Image Credit source: National Games, Gujarat instagram

Got electrocuted…toes were cut… yet the laboring father did not give up. Mother also supported and spread her hands in front of the people. The daughter gave equal respect to the struggle of mother and father and now by creating a national record, told the story of their struggle in front of the world. Today the whole country is saluting Munita Prajapati and her struggle. Munita of Uttar Pradesh running in Gujarat national games I did wonders in the 20 km women’s race walk.

Munita won the gold medal by making a new national record by taking 1 hour 38 minutes and 20 seconds. It was not so easy for Munita to reach here. The struggle of the family never let his spirit down.

Father’s toes amputated by current

In fact, the financial condition of 21-year-old Munita’s family was so bad that her mother had to spread her hands in front of people for her daughter’s game. Munita’s father works as a laborer. While working in Mumbai, his father’s right toe was cut off due to electrocution. Despite this, he did not stop working, but many times he would get work and many times he would just keep waiting for work.

Tried hand in games for job

The condition of the family was getting worse. Seeing the financial condition of the family, Munita’s elder sister asked her to try her hand in sports, which can also get a good job. After this he stepped on the field and in 2017 gave the trials of Sports Authority of India in Bhopal.

Record was made even 2 years ago

Munita had a new journey after her selection in the trials. Munita Prajapati 2018 Khelo India I was in second place. Two years ago, he made a national record in the 10 km race walk by doing wonders in the National Junior Athletics Championship in Guwahati.

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mother took loan

Munita’s mother took a loan from her sisters and sent her to Bhopal for trials in 2017. Munita considered it as the last trial of her life and after the selection, the worry of food and kit also went away. The villagers also took a lot of taunts on Munita’s play.