Father’s hard work did not pay off! Taught Maths himself for a year, yet the son got only 6 numbers out of 100. Papa started crying bitterly, watch video

Father started crying after seeing son’s mathya numbers

Image Credit source: Screen Grabbed

Chinese Tutor Father: This video of the father has been posted on Weibo, the social media platform of China called Twitter by Kilu Evening News.

China Tutor Father News: Such a touching story of a tutor father and son has come to the fore in China, which will bring tears to your eyes after reading it. Our parents are also our teachers, because they give us early education in childhood. Just like a Chinese father (China) became his son’s tutor and taught him with hard work for a whole year. The father hoped that his hard work and penance would pay off and the son would pass with good marks. However, the exact opposite happened and the son failed terribly. The son got only 6 marks out of 100 in maths. Seeing the son’s numbers, the father started crying bitterly.

Now this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The parents of the child, who hails from Zhengzhou in Henan province of China, got his result on June 23. When the father came to know that his son got only six marks in Maths, the father wept bitterly. This video has been posted by Qilu Evening News on Weibo, a social media platform called Twitter of China. After seeing the result, the father said, ‘I don’t care about it at all now. My hard work has been in vain. Now let him fight on his own. The father can be seen crying and wiping tears in the bedroom. At the same time, his wife can be seen laughing in the background.

Good marks in previous exams

The man allegedly used to teach his child till midnight every day for the past one year. The father’s disappointment is also justified after his son got such a bad number. According to the child’s mother, in the last exam, he got 40-50 marks to 80-90. This video is now becoming increasingly viral on Weibo. Many people have expressed sympathy for the father after watching the video. However, many people also argued that the child’s low marks in maths shows his father’s incompetence. Some people also said that due to the father teaching till late at night, the son may not have been able to pay proper attention in school.

One user said, ‘It is okay to teach a child till midnight every day. But for the mental state of the child and for his performance, he needs a lot of rest. However, now this father of China has become a topic of discussion on social media.