Fear among corrupt employees due to Railway Minister’s message, every third day 1 employee was expelled

Indian Railways has shown the way out to a corrupt employee every third day in the last 16 months. Also, 139 officers are being pressurized for voluntary retirement while 38 have been removed.

Indian Railways is continuously cracking down on the slack officers

Indian Railways In the last 16 months, every three days, one incompetent or corrupt officer has been sacked. Apart from this, 139 officers are being pressurized for voluntary retirement while 38 have been removed. Sources gave information about this. Sources said that two senior level officers were removed on Wednesday. He said that one of the CBI One was caught in Hyderabad with a bribe of Rs 5 lakh while the other was caught in Ranchi with Rs 3 lakh. An official said, Railway Minister (Ashwini Vaishnav) is very clear about his message of work or leave. We have thrown out one corrupt railway official every three days from July 2021.

Employees of these departments were removed

Those who were forced to take voluntary retirement or were sacked include officers of electrical and signalling, medical and civil services and employees of stores, traffic and mechanical departments. Under the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), an employee is paid a salary equal to two months’ salary for each year of service. But the same benefits are not available in compulsory retirement.

what do the rules say

FR 56(j), FR 56(l) or FR 56(l) or Rule 48(1)(b) of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, to the appropriate authority under the fundamental rules and the provisions relating to premature retirement in the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, As the case may be, the Government servant has full right to retire.

resigned himself

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However, there are many officers out of 139 who tendered their resignation after being denied promotion or sent on leave and decided to opt for VRS. Officials said that there are also cases where circumstances were created to force them to opt for retirement.