FICA reports cricketers want to play t20 leagues due to financial reasons. Country’s team doesn’t need money, international cricket is in danger, shocking report

Shocking figures have come in a survey by the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA). According to which players want to play in other leagues apart from the country.

Now players want money, don’t want to play only for the country!

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to the Indian team t20 world cup 2022 Had to face defeat by 10 wickets against England in the semi-finals. After this, there was a demand for Indian players to play in T20 leagues of other countries apart from IPL. According to a report by the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA), shocking figures have come to the fore. According to the report, most of the players want to play in T20 leagues other than their own country, so that they do not have to bear much financial burden.

ESPNcricinfo 40 per cent of the world’s top T20 men’s players are working as free agents as they walk away from national contracts to ply their trade in the lucrative domestic T20 league, according to a report published in . Another 42% operate in a hybrid model combining a national and domestic contract while playing in at least one overseas T20 league.

Players do not want to be bound by contract

According to the 2022 Men’s Global Employment report conducted by the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA), this means that 82% of the top 100 T20 players do not want to be tied down to just one national contract, which is important for players in terms of sustenance and money. Used to be the only way to earn. In the FICA report, surveys were received from more than 400 players from 11 countries, which do not include players from India and Pakistan.

Threat to domestic cricket

When most of the players will play in national cricket, T20 leagues and foreign T20 leagues, it is harming the domestic T20 leagues. International cricket is being played more in today’s time. Already two new tournaments have arrived in the T20 league roster from 2023, with the ILT20 and SA20 both starting in January.

Players participating in 7 T20 leagues

There are many cricketers around the world who have participated in more than one T20 league. Participated in seven T20 leagues in the year 2021 with the Afghanistan trio of Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi and Mujeeb ur Rehman, all of whom played half a dozen T20 leagues in a single year.

BCCI does not allow

BCCI does not allow Indian players to play in any foreign league other than IPL. Reportedly 40% of the world’s top T20 players “do not have central contracts with ‘top 9 cricketing nations’ (Zimbabwe, Ireland, Afghanistan not included in 12 full member nations). Players who do not have a contract are forced to play in other foreign leagues to earn money.

You get money for playing in foreign league

Players get more money for playing in foreign leagues. Cricketers from all over the world play in IPL. Cricketers have earned both money and fame by playing here. Many players have made a career by playing in IPL. In professional cricket, players have started giving more importance to money. The gap between domestic earnings and international earnings has widened since the last FICA report

Ben Stokes is counted among the explosive all-rounders of the world. He is playing Test matches and T20 cricket, but he has retired from ODIs. At the same time, South Africa’s dangerous opener Quinton de Kock has said goodbye to Test cricket and he is playing only white ball cricket. Trent Boult also left New Zealand’s central contract and decided to become a free agent. Bolt is now free to play in foreign leagues. Martin Guptill has also joined this line.

cricket has changed

The scenario of international cricket has changed a lot. FICA compared the number of ODI/T20 matches over the years between 2003 and 2021. There was no International T20 cricket in 2003, but there were 152 ODIs with 44 Test matches accounting for 71% of the 196 international matches played. In 2021, 485 international matches were played across three formats with a break-up: 346 T20Is (71%), 46 Tests (9%) and 93 ODIs (19%) – the number of matches in T20I has steadily increased.

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Many times it is seen that the program of international cricket and T20 league are organized simultaneously. In such a situation, players leave international cricket. According to the FICA report, players in T20 league get more money for less work. big cricketers for this reason international cricket Getting away from, which is not a good thing at all.