FIFA World Cup 2022: Germany in their team photo after not being allowed to wear the One Love armband | Germany protests against FIFA’s warning, these 7 countries may withdraw from the World Cup

FIFA, the highest body of football, had warned 7 European countries that if any of their players comes on the field wearing One Love arm bands, then strict action will be taken against them.

Germany closed its mouth in protest

Image Credit source: Twitter/Football__Tweet

FIFA World Cup 2022 All the teams haven’t even started their respective campaigns yet, but there has already been an uproar before that. Controversy seems to be gaining momentum. And, if the matter catches fire, then it is possible that 7 countries can pull their feet from the World Cup in the middle of the tournament itself. These are the 7 countries that have been warned by FIFA. supreme body of football FIFA Had warned 7 European countries that if any of their players comes on the field wearing One Love arm band, then strict action will be taken against him.

Out of 7 European countries, Germany has also protested about this. Its players kept their mouths closed in the group photo taken before the match against Japan. Apart from the players, German minister Nancy Feizer also protested. She reached the stadium to watch the match wearing ‘One Love Armband’, whose pictures became quite viral on social media as well.

Fifa’s warning caused panic in 7 countries

Before knowing what is ‘One Love’ armband, let us know in detail what FIFA had said about it. FIFA had said that players would be penalized for wearing the colorful One Love armband as a symbol of inclusion and diversity. Let us inform that the captains of the seven European countries for whom FIFA had said this, had a plan to wear the One Love armband and get on the field. FIFA also said that if the players of any team do this, they will be shown a yellow card immediately. Germany’s coach Hansi Flick and the president of the Football Federation, Bernd Neuendorff, were among those who criticized FIFA’s decision.

What is ‘One Love’ armband?

What is ‘one love’ armband, now just know that. It is actually a symbol of support for equality. It is also important in Qatar, where homosexuality is not legal. It is not just related to the LGBTQ community. Football players wanted to give a message of equality by wearing this armband, just like Black Lives Matter is supported by kneeling in cricket. But, the players were not allowed to do this because these things are not included in the rules and regulations of FIFA.

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However, the 7 European countries that have been affected by FIFA’s warning include countries like England, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, apart from Germany. Denmark is planning to leave the FIFA World Cup after talking to UEFA countries about it.