FIFA World Cup 2022: Who is Breel Embolo of Switzerland, who scored the goal against Camerron but didn’t celebrate | Scored a match-winning goal in the World Cup, yet did not celebrate, the story of this player is special

There was only one goal in the match between Switzerland and Cameroon and that was done by 25-year-old Briel Embolo and gave Switzerland victory in the very first match of the World Cup.

Briel Embolo raised his hands in the air as soon as he scored against Cameroon.

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Getting a chance to play in the Football World Cup, then scoring a goal in your team’s very first match in the tournament. That goal, which was ultimately the only goal in the match of 90 minutes and proved to be decisive. Despite this, the scorer of that goal did not celebrate it. switzerland striker breel embolo At present, this reason is in discussion. Embolo, who won the team by scoring a goal in the World Cup match against Cameroon, did not celebrate his feat and the reason for this is his special relationship with Cameroon.

The specialty or beauty of the football world is that many players are seen playing for the country that has adopted them instead of their country of origin. This is clearly visible in the case of Latin American, European and African countries. France is a great example, in which many players of African origin play. Similar is the case of Brile Mbolo.

Match winning goal, still no celebration

The 25-year-old Embolo gave his team the lead by scoring a goal in the 48th minute of the match against Cameroon on Thursday, 24 November. After this goal, the whole Swiss team drowned in celebration, while Mbolo stood straight looking at the spectators and raised both hands in the air, as if apologizing for his actions. After that the whole story came out.

Left his home country in 5 years

Actually Embolo did not celebrate the goal in honor of Cameroon. This is because in fact the foundation of Embolo is related to this African country only. Actually Mbolo is originally from Cameroon. He was born in 1997 in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. However, when he was just 5 years old, his parents separated and his mother took him to France. Here his mother met a Swiss man, with whom she married. Only a year later the whole family moved to Basel, Switzerland.

It was while in Basel that Embolo turned his attention to football and started his career with the under-16 team. In 2014, at the age of 17, Mbolo made his professional debut with FC Basel.

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Switzerland to Germany and back to France

His success with Basel attracted the attention of clubs in the German Bundesliga, and after three years at Schalka 04, he joined Borussia Mönchengladbach. Embolo scored 22 goals in 88 appearances for the club, after which he returned to France in 2022 and is now part of Monaco. The 25-year-old had acquired Swiss citizenship in 2014 and made his debut for the national team in 2015. Made his debut. Since then, he is an important part of the Swiss team and has scored 12 goals in 60 matches so far.