FIFA World Cup: Big relief to football fans, vaccination is not necessary to go to Qatar

The FIFA Men’s Football World Cup will begin in Qatar from November 20 and a total of 32 teams will take part in this 29-day tournament.

For the first time, the Football World Cup is being organized in Qatar.

Image Credit source: AFP

This year, two of the biggest events in the world of sports are going to be held within two consecutive months. The T20 World Cup will be organized in Australia in October-November. After a few days, the biggest ‘single sport event’ will start. Football world Cup. The FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022 will be held in the Arab country of Qatar in November-December this year and for this the fans have got a big relief because it will not be mandatory to get the vaccine to come to Qatar for the World Cup.

No vaccine, negative report mandatory

The Qatar government announced on Thursday 29 September that appropriate steps would be taken to prevent the spread of corona virus infection during the World Cup, but rules like entry would not be imposed only after the vaccine was administered for the fans to witness this spectacular tournament. However, before entering the country, they will have to compulsorily show the negative report of the corona test.

For the first time, the Football World Cup is being organized in Qatar. This world’s most famous tournament with 32 teams will start from November 20 and its matches will be played for 29 days. The Government of Qatar and FIFA have said that they want to mark the event as the end of the global pandemic and therefore not impose more strict restrictions on fans regarding Corona rules.

Green mark required in government app

However, some things must be followed. Under this, fans of 18 years and above will also have to download the official phone app Etheraj, which will track their activities and health status. World Cup organizers said, green signal of Atheraj will be necessary to go to indoor public places.

However, the organizers have also said that if the situation of Corona becomes uncontrollable, then they can also change their rules. Fans have also been instructed to wear masks while using public transport. If a viewer is infected, then he will have to isolate himself under the rules of the government.

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29 days, 32 teams

Despite many controversies, the tournament will start in Qatar from November 20, which will run till December 18. Teams from 32 countries are participating in this 29-day long event. Normally the FIFA World Cup has always been held in the months of June-July, but in view of Qatar’s hot weather in these months, it was decided to hold it in November-December.