Filhall Song: Akshay Kumar’s song ‘Filhaal’ made a record, 1 billion views video on YouTube

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, along with films, has also made a strong entry in music albums these days. Where the audience is giving a lot of love to his songs too. Akshay Kumar’s first music video Filhall has now completed 1 billion views on YouTube. Let me tell you, this song was released on 9 November 2019. After which this song has come a long way. Now 1 billion views have been completed on YouTube of this song.

In this song, opposite Akshay Kumar, actress Kriti Sanon’s sister Nupur Sanon was seen opposite Akshay. Where the voice in this song has been given by the famous Punjabi singer B-Prak. The audience has given a lot of love to this song. Because of which very soon Part 2 of this song is also going to be released. Akshay Kumar himself had tweeted the information of the second part of ‘Filhaal’. In this, he also gave a beautiful photo and equally beautiful caption. In the caption, the actor wrote, ‘The story continues with another melodious song….’

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‘Every love story needs another chance’

The lyrics and composers of the first part of ‘Filhaal’ are known and directed by Arvind Khaira. Singer B. Prak sang this song. Arvind Khaira has also given information about this and has written, ‘Every love story needs another chance’.

In the first part of the present, the bitter truth of the society is shown how two lovers are separated in the name of respect in the society. Akshay and Nupur love each other but under the pressure of family and society, the two get separated and marry someone else. Even after marriage, both are not happy in their lives. Later both meet in the hospital where Akshay is a doctor and Nupur has an accident.

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