Financial Analyst career: How to become a Financial Analyst? Learn 5 steps to become a finance expert with course, earning

Career in Finance: If you like making investment decisions, tracking the performance of stocks and bonds, then you can make a great career as a financial analyst. Know how?

You can give flight to your career by becoming a finance expert, learn how to become a financial analyst

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How to become Financial Analyst: With the development of business and financial markets, employers are always looking for qualified candidates who can help them grow their business. To bring their business on the path of growth, they do their planning on the basis of financial analysis. According to experts, by 2026, financial analysts around the world (financial analyst) may increase manifold. In such a situation, students with a good grasp on maths and analytical thinking can take full advantage of this golden opportunity. This is the best career option in the finance sector (Best Career Option) is from. Now the question is how to become a Financial Analyst?

In this article, we will tell you 5 steps to become a Financial Analyst. Which course should be taken for this? What do Financial Analysts do? Where are the job opportunities available and how much does he earn? You will find answers to all such questions in this article…

Financial Analyst: Understand this profession

If you are passionate about making investment decisions, like tracking the performance of stocks and bonds, then you can definitely make a great career as a financial analyst. Generally, there are two types of financial analysts – buy-side analyst and sell-side analyst. Buy-side analysts help in making investment plans while working for hedge funds or insurance companies. Sell-side analysts recommend selling stocks and bonds to sales agents associated with financial services.

Financial Analyst Work: Job of a Financial Analyst

Financial analyst is also called securities analyst and investment analyst. Their job is to keep an eye on the development in their field or sector and give advice from time to time. For this, they collect information and analyze it. Financial analysts are appointed in banks, financial planning institutions, investment advisory firms, portfolio management firms, insurance companies and government regulatory firms.

Financial Analyst Salary: Salary of Financial Analyst

Nowadays the demand of Financial Analyst is high and they are offered high salary. A fresher candidate gets an average package of 5 to 6 lakhs. A package of 9 to 12 lakhs is available at a slightly senior level, although it also depends on the work, location and company.

Steps to Become a Financial Analyst: How to Become a Financial Analyst

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance: If you are pursuing Bachelor’s degree in this then you are already on the right track. Most financial analysts study related subjects like accounting, statistics or economics. However, this is not a condition. Candidates with engineering and science background also go in this field. It would be good if you take a bachelor’s degree with business, economics, accounting and maths.
  2. Complete Internship (Finance Internship): Internship is not compulsory, but it provides benefits in building a career. As your understanding in this field develops, your network develops. Some of the relationships you build as an intern will help you in your career. Your resume is made good. Not only this, it shows your active interest.
  3. Get a job (Finance job): After taking Bachelor’s degree with related subjects, you can start the job of Junior Financial Analyst. At the beginning of your career, you work under a senior. Here you learn and understand the nuances of this field. A master’s degree is necessary to move beyond the junior level and progress in career.
  4. Get an advanced degree or CFA (Get Certified): At the senior level, you have to take a CFA charter. CFA charter is the most coveted position that a financial analyst can take. For this you will need to pass three difficult exams. The candidate is expected to study for at least 300 hours for each level of examination. So don’t take CFA lightly. 12th pass candidates can do CFA after completing CA.
  5. Get License: Some certificates or licenses may be necessary after starting a career in this field. The Financial Analyst should obtain all the necessary licenses without delay. Many companies hire only licensed candidates.