Finds out! Who killed the dinosaurs, scientists found pieces of asteroid from space here

On hearing the name of dinosaurs, the image of giant creatures emerges in the mind, which would have once ruled this earth. Scientists believe that dinosaurs were present in the world 660 million years ago and they perished from the blue planet when a very huge asteroid hit the earth. Where this asteroid is said to have collided, it is known as Yucatán Island of Mexico. After the collision of Asteroids, the Cold Age started on Earth and after that humans came again.

NASA has claimed a huge discovery related to the existence of dinosaurs. The agency has claimed that very small fragments of the colliding asteroid have been discovered which have been found to be frozen in glue. CNN’s Report According to, scientists have found some things that are very surprising at a fossil site in the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota. This is the same place where the evidence of the era of the eradication of dinosaurs from the world is preserved in the form of remains. Among them, a fish trapped in the rubble has been found. It has been said that this fish must have eaten the debris that would have formed after the collision of the asteroid. Apart from this, turtle has been found and dinosaur’s feet have also been found. This discovery has been revealed in a documentary called Dinosaur Apocalypse.

This discovery is not of today, but was started in 2012. It featured naturalist Sir David Attenborough and paleontologist Robert DePalma. Robert has been working on this site called Tanis since 2012. They had found some evidence from here in the beginning that there may be some remains related to the end of the dinosaurs.

After studying the fossils of the fish found at the site, it was found that the asteroid had come to Earth in the spring. Paleontologists believe that this site is evidence of the last days of dinosaurs on Earth. Research has found that most of the small pieces found in the debris contain calcium. But in the two fragments found, there were also many other elements like chromium, nickel which are found only in asteroids. It has been said about them that they are definitely pieces of some body coming from space. It is also likely to be confirmed soon where the asteroid came from.



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