For better returns, consider these tips issued this week, there is an estimate of increase of up to 36 percent

Invest here for better returns

This week, leading broking firms have issued investment advisories for several companies, in which an estimate of returns of up to 36 percent has been given. These companies include EPL Sobha, and Sumitomo Chemicals.

Share Market , stock market) may be witnessing a period of volatility and foreign signals are dominating the business. But the market has shown stability even in the midst of these pressures. And on any decline, the recovery is also being seen in the market with the same. This performance of the market economy (Economy) in view of the strength and better performance of the companies themselves. Market leaders are keeping an eye on such special companies and in this era of uncertainty from investors also, special and selected stocks (Stock Trading I am giving investment advice in the same. Today we are telling you about three such companies in which investment advice has been given by market experts. These advisories have been issued this week. In such a situation, you can expect maximum returns based on the advice.

Sumitomo Chemical India (Growth 17%)

Sharekhan has a buy call on Sumitomo Chemical India with a target of 500. The stock is currently at the level of 426 i.e. from here the stock is expected to grow by more than 17 percent. According to the broking firm, due to higher prices of crops, the company can increase the prices of its products, which will reduce the pressure of rising costs on it. According to Share Khan, the company will get the benefit of better valuation than other domestic companies in the sector.

Sobha (projected to grow by 27 percent)

ICICI Securities has a buy call on the stock with a target target of 902. The broking firm had released its report for this on 7 April. The stock is currently trading at the level of 709. That is, an increase of 27 percent is expected in the stock from here. According to the broking firm, the performance of the company is continuously improving. The sales figures from Bangalore and Gurugram have been much better for the company. On the other hand, looking at the new launch, the new financial year can also be better for the company. ICICI Direct had given a target of 902 in its report released in March and the broking firm has remained on this target in its April report.


Motilal Oswal has advised investment in EPL with a target of 250. The stock is currently trading at the level of 184. That is, an increase of about 36 percent is expected in the stock from here. The broking firm has expressed confidence that with the new management the company will be able to grow long term, EPL being the world’s largest specialty packaging company. And among their clients there are many big FMCG companies of the world. According to the broking firm, indications of rising earnings from personal care products segment, recovery in travel tube segment with lifting of travel restrictions, expected continuation of higher earnings from long-term contracts in oral care segment are expected to benefit the company further. .

(Investment in the stock market has its own options, please take any investment related decision carefully. The advice given here is based on the advice of the broking firm, please check the advice at your level also)

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