For what reasons Gautam Adani entered the cement business and made a deal of 81000 crores, what is his mega plan?

Bought ACC and Ambuja Cement for 81 thousand crores.

Gautam Adani has bought ACC and Ambuja Cement for Rs 81 thousand crore. Gautam Adani said that there is a huge gap between demand and supply in this sector. We will fill this gap and double the production in the next five years.

gautam adani ,Gautam Adani) are like a shining star at this time. The business in which they put their hands starts booming. He is currently the number one in Asia and the eighth richest person in the world. Adani Group on Sunday (Adani Group) made the largest acquisition of India’s infrastructure and materials space. Gautam Adani has bought its Indian business from Holcim Group for $ 10.5 billion i.e. 81 thousand crores. On completion of this deal, Gautam Adani will take over the cement brand ACC and Ambuja Cement. Now the big question arises that what could be the reason behind making such a big deal.

This deal is considered very important for Gautam Adani. Experts say that Gautam Adani is emphasizing on diversifying his business portfolio. Apart from this, he is seeing all the possibilities in the cement business. Gautam Adani knows very well that there is a huge gap between demand and supply in the cement sector in his country. The current business of Adani Group is fully capable of bridging this gap. Gautam Adani himself said that the cement sector is in complete synergy with his current business.

Target to double production in 5 years

Gautam Adani operates the country’s largest commercial port business and renewable energy business. He said that they will double the production capacity of Ambuja and ACC Cement to 140 million tonnes per annum in the next five years. In a special conversation with Economic Times, Gautam Adani said that India’s economy is demand based. It is the world’s second largest market for cement and is expected to remain so for many decades to come.

Government’s emphasis on infra sector

Infrastructure development is very important to improve the economy. In such a situation, the demand for cement will remain. Apart from this, the business of Adani Group is spread in Port & Logistics, Energy Sector and Real Estate. This way it will be very easy to establish synergy between our present business with the cement sector.

Adani family will get funding from offshore company

Gautam Adani said that this deal of 82000 crores is the biggest deal in the history of India. The deal will be funded with the help of an offshore entity of the Adani family. The group’s listed and operating companies will not have any impact on the current deal. Apart from this, the Adani family will also take help from Barclays, Dutch Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

India’s demand is half of the global average consumption

Adani said that India’s per capita cement consumption is 240 kg, which is 1600 kg for China and the world average is 525 kg. In such a situation, there is immense potential for growth in this sector. The government is also emphasizing on the infrastructure sector. Adani Group’s business is also in the real estate and infra sector. In such a situation, Adani Group will also be the largest customer of ACC and Ambuja Cement. At present, there will be no impact on the team and management of both the companies. He said that our plan is to become the world’s largest green cement producer.