Foreign players returning to their homes, when will the remaining of IPL 2021

Now after continuous corona-infected cases increase within the bio bubble BCCI Has postponed IPL 2021 on Tuesday. This was confirmed by the Chairman of the Board himself, Rajiv Shukla. After this, the Indian Cricket Board has also announced to return all Indian and foreign players and support staff to their respective families. So now the question arises as to when can the remaining matches of IPL be played.

Foreign players returning home

After the postponement of IPL 2021, all the foreign players participating in the IPL are returning to their respective countries. Yes, BCCI Has made it clear that all the players and support staff should return to the family.

If the BCCI is talking of sending all Indian and Overseas players back home. This clearly means that the Cash Rich League will not be held again soon. Which is certainly very big and bad news for cricket fans.

Can be organized in July-August

IPL 2021 has been postponed for the time being. After which the question will be in everyone’s mind that when can the tournament be held now? Actually, the situation in India is becoming uncontrollable over time. In such a situation, the Cash Rich League can be organized before the T20 World Cup to be held in India in October-November.

If Corona’s situation in India remains correct during that time, then the remaining 31 T20 leagues can be played before the tournament. This will also give all the players a chance to prepare and if the board wants, the remaining matches can be done in 10 to 12 days.

Board postponed IPL till September

IPL 2021

Currently, IPL 2021 has been postponed indefinitely due to Corona virus. However, next month, India will go to England to play a final match of the Test Championship with New Zealand. After this, a 5-match Test series is to be played, for which the players have to stay in the 14-day quarantine. In such a situation, IPL cannot be organized in the next two months. BCCI Vice President Rajiv Shukla said,

“We will see if we can find any suitable time for the IPL event later in the year. It may be September, but for now it will only be speculation. The situation as of now is that we are not organizing the tournament. ”

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