Former PAK PM’s dream university has failed! ‘Helpless’ Imran could not even get recognition

Dr. Amjadur Rahman, in-charge of Al-Qadir Institute, has said that only 100 students are studying in Imran’s Dream University.

Imran Khan’s dream university is not recognized.

Image Credit source: PTI/Instagram-alqadiruniversityprojecttrust/Tv9 Hindi

Everyone knows about the economic condition of Pakistan. But the condition of the education system is also not very good. The living proof of this is an educational institute. In fact, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan established his ‘Dream University’ during his stay in power. Although, Imran Khan ‘Farewell’ was also done from the power and the university of his dreams remained a dream only. Imran established the Al-Qadir Institute in 2021. Till now this institute is not recognized as a university.

According to the news of The News International, Al-Qadir Trust Institute has been started for two years, but till now only 100 students have taken admission in this university. Dr. Amjadur Rahman, in-charge of Al-Qadir Institute, admitted that the institute had enrolled only 100 students.

The surprising thing is that in the university where 1000-2000 children take admission. But here the number of students is limited to 100 only. The thing to note here is that this institute was registered as a trust, but this institute of Imran is charging fees from the students. Generally, students do not have to pay fees in trust register institutions.

In which courses did you get admission?

Earlier news came that according to the agreement, all the expenses related to Al-Qadir Trust are being borne by a businessman. The News International quoted Dr. Amjadur Rahman as saying, ‘In the first batch, we gave admission to 40 students and in the second batch, 60 more students were given admission. In this, there were 20 students who got enrolled in Islamic Studies and 40 in Management Science.

At the same time, in response to a question asked regarding the fee charged by the institute, Dr. Amjadur Rahman said that only 10 percent of the total students pay the fees. He said that the fees are charged to keep the students motivated towards studies and free the institute from donations. He said that Al Qadir Institute wants to be free from donations.

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Speaking to The News International, Dr. Arif Nazir Butt, one of the trustees of Al-Qadir Sansthan, said that the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) has not granted degree-awarding status to Al-Qadir Sansthan. He said that work is going on to give recognition. However, Butt insisted that the institute is affiliated to the Government College University.