Found another earth! Here 80-85 will not live 2000 years, the weather is also cold-cool-cool

The maximum temperature of the exoplanet that scientists have found is 13 degrees, so the weather here is cold. This exoplanet is only 31 light years away from Earth.

in the 21st century science Has progressed a lot. Every day there are new discoveries in the world. Earth Apart from this, scientists have been engaged in searching for life for humans on other planets for a long time. Scientists searching for life have now got a big success. Scientists have found such an exoplanet, where the possibility of life like Earth has been found. The great thing is that it is not too far from the earth.

If someone tells you that you can live for 2000 years, you might not believe it, but it is true. The name of the Earth-like planet that scientists have discovered is Wolf 1069b, where humans can live for 2000 years. Actually there is a year of 16 days on this house. The average age of a human being on earth is 80 to 85 years and here there is a year of 365 days. If we spend 365 days on Wolf 1069 b, then we will spend about 23 years there. Accordingly, the average age of a person there will be 1955 years.

Wolf 1069b just 31 light years from Earth

It is just 31 light years away from Earth. It revolves around a red dwarf star. Scientists have told that there is not much heat on this planet and the maximum temperature here reaches up to 13 degree Celsius. This house is located on the north side of our galaxy Milky Way. Scientists have called it a rare discovery.

Astronomers have discovered more than 5200 exoplanets in the universe, but less than 200 of them have rocks and mountains like Earth. Scientists have said that only a dozen of these 200 exoplanets are likely to have water on them. A group of 50 astronomers from around the world have confirmed the existence of this exoplanet.

Completes one round in 5.6 days

Astronomer and lead author Diana Kosakowski said that Wolf 1069b is about twice the size of Earth. It completes its orbit around the red star in 15.6 days. Whereas the earth makes one revolution in 365 days. According to a study, the radiation that the earth is receiving from the sun, this house is receiving only 65 percent of its radiation, so its surface is cold.