France and Australia have clashed because of submarine living under the sea, after all, why this submarine is necessary for any country

To respond to the increasing Chinese interference in the Indo-Pacific region, the US and the United Kingdom and Australia have formed a Security Partnership (AUKUS).

After this partnership, Australia will get advanced technology and nuclear-capable submarines for deployment. After the defense deal with Australia, America and Britain are facing criticism from France. Nuclear submarine is that powerful weapon of any country, which establishes its sovereignty in the sea. There are only a few countries in the world that have nuclear submarines and India’s name is also included in this.

Why submarine is necessary for Navy

Submarine is a very big strategic weapon for any country. When it goes out on a mission, no one gets any ear-to-ear news. Inside the sea, it works to thwart every plan of the enemy. According to a Navy officer posted in Visakhapatnam, having a submarine with the Navy of any country today is considered a proof of its strength.

Submarines were used extensively during the Second World War. After this the navies started giving preference to submarines on a large scale. Submarines are a major weapon of armies in any war. Under water, it can use many types of weapons while protecting it from the eyes of the enemy. That is why today India is emphasizing on buying many types of submarines.

Which country has how many nuclear submarines?

China is one of the countries in the world that has 12 submarines equipped with nuclear capability. He is engaged in increasing the fleet of submarines. America is the country in the world that has the most nuclear submarines. These are the countries which have nuclear capability submarines.

US– 68 submarines out of which 14 are nuclear ballistic missile capability submarines, 54 are second nuclear powered attack submarines.
Russia-29 submarines, including 11 nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines, 18 nuclear-capable attack submarines.
China – 12 submarines, 6 nuclear-powered ballistic submarines, 6 nuclear-capable attack submarines.
UK 11 submarines, including 4 nuclear-capable ballistic submarines, 7 nuclear-capable attack submarines.
FranceThere are 8 submarines out of which 4 are nuclear-capable ballistic missile submarines and 4 are nuclear-capable attack submarines.
IndiaIndia has 1 nuclear capable ballistic submarine.

Australia will be the 7th country

With the defense deal with the US, Australia has become the 7th country in the world to have a nuclear-capable submarine. Australia will get nuclear submarines from America. France was surprised by the sudden cancellation of the deal from Australia. France has held the Biden administration responsible for all this. It has also been said that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been accused of breaking trust in the government.

12 submarines to be received from France

The root of this whole turmoil is a deal between France and Australia for 12 submarines. Under this deal, the French Naval Group was to build 12 Barracuda nuclear-capable submarines for the Australian Navy. This contract was signed in the year 2016 with about 50 billion Australian dollars.

When US President Joe Biden and Australian PM Morrison announced a security partnership, there was an uproar in Paris. France understood the meaning of what Biden and Morrison told. After this new partnership, Australia will now get nuclear-capable submarines from America.

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