Fraud in education department, lakhs of rupees have been coming in the name of closed school for 20 years

The officials of the Education Department did not see the game of fraudulently withdrawing lakhs of money in the name of a government school that was closed for 20 years.

Minority Urdu Primary School of Ghaghra Block of Gumla District of Jharkhand

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A very unique case has come to light in Jharkhand. Lakhs of rupees were withdrawn in a fraudulent manner in the name of the school which was closed for nearly two decades. This entire fraud has come to the fore after the investigation of the complaint made by the villagers. After the complaint of the villagers, the Deputy Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner of Education found that an amount of more than Rs 8 lakh was withdrawn by showing the duty of four teachers in the closed school. Government School After getting information about the fraud, the education department has started investigation.

In fact, there is a whole case of fraudulent withdrawal of money in the name of a school closed for 20 years. This matter has come to the fore in Ghaghra block of Gumla district of Jharkhand. An amount of more than eight lakh rupees has been withdrawn by forming a fake school committee in the name of minority Urdu primary school Goya located here.

Villagers disclosed

52 villagers from the village of Ghaghra block made a written complaint about this whole fraud to the Deputy Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner of Education. After this a team of Education Department went to the village. The team found that the minority Urdu primary school, Goya, was closed for the last 20 years. But by fraudulently showing the number of children and the number of teachers in this school, more than 8 lakh rupees were withdrawn.

The reality is that the same number of children from the village and other nearby villages study in different schools. The villagers allege that the education department and fake teachers together took out the amount and distributed it among themselves.

School has been closed for 20 years

In view of the complaints of the villagers and the seriousness of the matter, the Gumla district officials ordered an inquiry. At the same time, the task of investigation was given to Preeti Kumari, the Block Education Extension Officer of Ghaghra block, but till now the investigation has not been done.

BEEO Preeti Kumari says that she has got additional charge of Vishunpur and Ghaghra blocks when the investigation is not done even after getting the responsibility of the same investigation. She has not been able to do the investigation due to the high responsibility of the work. However, soon after investigation, action will be taken against the culprits of this entire case.

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In such a situation, a question arises that after all, the information about the game of fraudulent withdrawal in the name of the school which has been closed for 20 years. education Department Why didn’t the authorities know? At the same time, the villagers demanded from the education department that soon after taking action against the culprits, the minority Urdu primary school, which was closed again, should be operated. So that the children here do not need to go to another place to study.