From today to August 14, asteroids will pass near the earth everyday, know interesting things related to them

Asteroids (asteroids) often pass close to Earth. Space agencies also keep informing about them. A program of the US agency is also available online regarding asteroids and near-Earth objects, which gives information about asteroids and near-Earth objects passing near the Earth. According to this program, by the coming Sunday, an asteroid is going to pass near the Earth every day. There will be a difference in their size and others. Let us know more about them.

NASA’s Asteroid Watch program accordingToday, on August 11, Asteroid (NEO) 2022 PK1 is going to pass near the Earth. According to NASA, this asteroid will be equal to 100 feet in diameter. To make the information interesting, NASA has told that its size will be as much as an airplane. Asteroid 2022 PK1 will pass at a speed of 16 kilometers per second from a distance of 5,210,000 kilometers from Earth.

The website states that on August 12, Asteroid 2015 FF (NEO) will pass by our planet. When it is closest to the Earth, its speed will be 9 kilometers per second and this point will be at a distance of 4,280,000 km. Asteroid 2015 FF will be about half the size of the asteroid passing by today. Its diameter is about 53 feet. Asteroid 2015 FF was discovered on March 16, 2015.

On Saturday, August 13, Asteroid 2022 OT1 (NEO) will pass near Earth. It will pass about 4,760,000 km from Earth. Its size will be 110 feet. According to NASA, this is equal to the size of the largest blue whale ever found on Earth. This asteroid was detected on July 25, 2022.

After this, on Sunday, August 14, Asteroid 2022 OA4 (NEO) will pass near Earth. It will pass about 4,320,000 km from Earth. Its size will be 71 feet. This asteroid was detected on July 26, 2022.

According to NASA, “Near-Earth objects (NEOs) are asteroids and comets with orbits that bring them within 120 million miles (195 million kilometers) of the Sun, meaning they can propagate through Earth’s orbital neighborhood. The most near-Earth objects are asteroids, ranging in size from about 10 feet (a few meters) to about 25 miles (40 kilometers).”<!–