Full drama in the last over, thrilling thrill, 2 players ‘clashed’ in the match. SA20 League: Pretoria Capitals triumph in a LAST-BALL THRILLER against MI Cape Town

By defeating Mumbai Indians Cape Town, Pretoria Capitals won the match by 1 wicket on the last ball.

Pretoria Capitals beat Mumbai Indians Cape Town

Image Credit source: VideoGrab

How can this happen when there is a T20 match and there is no noise of excitement. Some see more thrill and some less. The competition we are talking about here is full of excitement. The thrill mercury has always been high in this. That means full drama, action and thrill from the first ball to the last ball. This match was played in the T20 League of South Africa. The teams of Mumbai Indians Cape Town and Pretoria Capitals were face to face. Pretoria Capitals won this match by 1 wicket, but the thrill behind their victory kept cricket fans in awe.

Actually, this match went not only in the last over but till the last ball. And, went in such a way that you cannot even imagine. Actually, the runs that were to be scored in the last over were not even that much that one had to wait till the last ball. But, the winning team had to wait for this, before which the two South African players got to see the encounter, that too was no less interesting.

Rasi hit 51 off 29 balls, MI – 159 runs

First of all, know the details of the match that how did it reach the last ball? Mumbai Indians Cape Town did the first batting in the match. But, failed to play the full 20 overs. The Mumbai team got all out after scoring 159 runs in 19.4 overs. Rasi van der Dussen scored the most runs from Mumbai Indians Cape Town. Opening South African batsman Rasi scored 51 runs in 29 balls at a strike rate of more than 175, which included 4 sixes and 4 fours.

Riley’s counter-attack, the match went in the last over

Now Pretoria Capitals had a target of 160 runs. Pretoria Capitals batsman Riley Russo hit 40 runs in 19 balls while retaliating to the attack of Mumbai Indians Cape Town batsman Rasi van der Dussen. Riley also hit 4 sixes while playing at a strike rate of over 210. Due to his explosive inning, the match went to the last over, where Pretoria were left to score 3 runs in 6 balls to win.

6 balls, 3 runs… Pretoria Capitals won the match on the last ball

Now Mumbai Indians bowler Sam Karan had the ball in his hands and Wayne Parnell of Pretoria Capitals was on strike. No run on the first ball. Parnell took a single on the second ball. On the third ball, Karan dismissed Muthusamy who came on strike. Now the new batsman on strike was Joss Little. No run on the fourth ball. The fifth ball was also empty. But on the sixth and last ball, Little hit the ball and scored the required 2 runs for the win.

In this way, after defeating Mumbai Indians Cape Town, Pretoria Capitals won the match by 1 wicket on the last ball.