‘Game of Thrones’ is completely different from the book, Matt Smith said about countless intimate scenes

During a recent interview, Hollywood actor Matt Smith has questioned the story of ‘Game of Thrones’. He has said that the story of the series is very different from the book.

Matt Smith on Game of Thrones

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Hollywood actor Matt Smith is in discussion about his series Game of Thrones. actor recently Intimate scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’ Question has been raised about Actually, the actor says that there are countless intimate scenes in this series. But, there is nothing like this in the book on which its story is based. Very different is shown in the film. Let us tell you that while working on the spin-off, Matt Smith has raised questions on the prequel series of ‘Game of Thrones’.

According to reports, during one of his recent interviews, Matt Smith, while talking about the expectations of the fans, said that when you yourself ask him, ‘Do we need another intimate scene?’ They say, ‘Yes, we can do one more.’ The actor further said that, I think you have to ask yourself ‘What are you doing?

‘Game of Thrones’ in question

Further questioning the story of the film, Matt Smith said that are you showing the story which is written in the book or are you showing the time in which we are living? The actor further said, “I think it is your job to present the books truthfully and honestly. You should show what is written in the book.”

Matt Smith spoke about the intimate scene

During a question in which it was asked whether he has played a character in any intimate scene of the series? To this Matt Smith said, “If I tell the truth, yes… a little bit…” Let us tell you that ‘House of the Dragon’ Targaryen is a film whose story is based on the dynasty. Also, it is based on parts of a book by George RR Martin called ‘Fire and Blood’.

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