Ganguly fearless of one rule of IPL 2023, Ponting’s fear increased, what is the whole matter? , ipl 2023 sourav ganguly think impact player wil not reduce allrounder Ricky Ponting opinion

The entry of IPL 2023 impact player rule is about to happen. With the introduction of this rule, the matches will become even more exciting. But Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly have different views on this.

Both Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly have a different opinion on the impact player rule

Image Credit source: Delhi Capitals Twitter

New Delhi.The season of IPL 2023 will be seen in a different color. There will be a new rule entry this season, but due to this rule, while the fear of Ricky Ponting, the head coach of Delhi Capitals has increased, Sourav Ganguly, the director of cricket of the team, is fearless. 2 veterans of the same team have 2 different opinions regarding the Impact Player rule. While Ponting is seeing the loss of all-rounders due to this rule, Ganguly is seen to be benefiting from this rule.

Talking to Times of India, Ganguly talked about this rule. Actually, some veterans believe about this rule that due to this rule Indian all-rounders will be harmed. They will not get a chance to improve their skills. Ganguly says that the impact player is new, so now it has to be seen how it works.

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All-rounders will not be less important

Ganguly says that everyone is excited about this rule. He said that despite this rule all-rounders will remain. The former Indian captain does not think that all-rounders will be reduced by this rule. They say that all-rounders are all about ability. On the other hand, a few days ago, Delhi’s head coach Ponting said about this rule that this rule will end the role of all-rounders.

Ponting has a completely different opinion

Ponting says that the use of the impact player’s rule will also depend on the toss. Bowling team will be selected after bowling first. While batting first, the batting team will be selected. If wickets fall quickly while batting first, then the team would like to bring only the batsman as an impact player. In such a situation, the role of all-rounders will be reduced.

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