Gautam Gambhir’s big statement, said – MS Dhoni cannot score runs

Team India former captain MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) has been one of the hitting batsmen in his era. Recently, Gautam Gambhir has given a big reaction to his batting. Even in today’s era, many big stalwarts are seen reading ballads about the performance of Captain Cool. He has changed the course of the match in many matches. His style has been the subject of discussion among fans. When in an out-of-hand match, they get their upper hand, the opposing team is not even aware of it. That is why it is said that, where there is Mahi, everything is possible.

Former opener reacted to CSK captain’s form

However, ever since the former captain has retired from international cricket, his form has been slightly worse than before. For the past years, fans are constantly waiting for his big innings. But, so far this has not happened. Meanwhile, former India opener Gautam Gambhir has given a big suggestion regarding his form. While talking to Star Sports about this, he has given his response.

The former batsman, who played under MS Dhoni, said in his statement that,

“Dhoni has been a player who has always batted at number 4 or 5. But, in the first half of IPL 2021, it was seen that he is going to bat at number 6 or 7. Many times it happened when he sent Sam Karan for batting in his place.

It is no longer easy for Dhoni to hit big shots

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Talking further in this regard, Gautam Gambhir says that, perhaps he is now concentrating more on becoming a mentor. The former batsman also said that,

Perhaps Dhoni is now playing the role of mentor and wicketkeeper. Dhoni is putting more emphasis on leading the team. If such a situation arises that he has to play only 8 to 10 balls, then Dhoni can go and hit big shots. But, now even this task has not been so easy for them.

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Regarding this he said,

“If you stop playing international cricket, you find it difficult in a big tournament like IPL. It is not like CPL or other leagues. Top quality bowlers have to be faced in IPL.

At present, how much MS Dhoni agrees with this statement of Gautam Gambhir, it will be known when the time comes. But, this cannot be ignored, according to earlier there has been a decline in their performance.

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