General Knowledge: How is the age of a tree determined? Know the answers to such interesting questions

General Knowledge: General knowledge is such a subject, in which no one can guess when and where to ask questions. This is the reason that there is no fixed syllabus for this subject. This subject is included in all types of competitive examinations so that the IQ test of the candidates appearing in the examination can be done.

Aspirants have often been seen taking the help of expensive books and competition guides for the sure preparation of this subject. However, by watching daily newspapers, weekly magazines and listening to the news, one can prepare well for the general knowledge subject. Often in the competitive exam (GK for Exams), the candidates are asked questions only about the things around them. Here we will tell about some such questions which are often asked in examinations.

Question 1- When is the shortest distance between the Sun and the Earth?
answer- The Earth is closest to the Sun on January 3, this is called the position of the subsolar.

Question 2- Which is the largest film producer country in the world?
answer- India is the largest film producer in the world.

Question 3- Where is the world’s highest cricket pitch?
answer- The cricket pitch of Himachal Pradesh, India is the highest pitch in the world. It is built 2444 meters above sea level.

Question 4- How to find the age of a tree?
answer- To know the age of any tree, the age of the tree can be ascertained by counting the steam cycle of the tree which is attended by the annual fair.

Question- 5. On the banks of which river is the Bordeaux port of France located?
answer- Geroon.

Question- 6. Which is the most populous country in the continent of Africa?
answer- Nigeria.

Question- 7. Which country is the largest producer of coal?
answer- China is the main coal producer while the United States of America (USA) comes in second place. Other major coal producers are India and Australia.

Question- 8. Which is the most cycle friendly city in the world?
answer- Copenhagen of Denmark is considered to be the most bicycle friendly country.

Question- 9. Dengue fever is caused by the bite of which mosquito?
answer- Andes.

Question- 10. Jamshedpur city is situated on the confluence of which rivers?
answer- Swarnarekha and Kharkai.

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