General Knowledge: Know some interesting questions asked in government jobs, in which the candidates are often trapped

Whether the Civil Services Examination or Banking or SSC examination, the questions of general knowledge subject also make students dizzy. Written examination or interview round general knowledge related questions are asked at every level. This is a subject that cannot be guessed neither the beginning nor the end. In such a situation, today we have brought some such questions for you that are asked to test your intellectual ability.

First of all, let us say that there is very little for general knowledge that a limited syllabus of it should be prepared. Keeping in mind the examinations for government jobs till now, some such questions have been extracted, which is very important to know about. Things related to these questions only happen around us, but when a question comes in front of us, we get caught in it. Sometimes they take a lot of time to understand the question. Some of the questions given below are going to help you a lot in competitive exams.

Question 1: Why is the death penalty given at 4:30 in the morning?
answer: By waiting the offender all day, his mind can be affected and other jail functions start after sunrise. Hanging is done in the morning so that other work is not affected.

Question 2: What is the highest element found in human body?
answer: Oxygen

Question 3: Which instrument is used to measure the amount of water in milk?
answer: Lacto meter

Question 4: QR Code has a flower form done?
answer: Quick Response Code

Question 5: Which state has the largest number of sugar mills in India?
answer: Uttar Pradesh

Question 6: What is measured in the energy present in food?
answer: In calories

Question 7: What is Password called in Hindi?
answer: The password is called Hindi as ‘Password’.

Question 8: What is the gold that is not found at the goldsmith shop?
answer: This is a tricky question and the answer is ‘Charpai’ or ‘Bed’. This item is used for sleeping and it does not sell goldsmiths.

Question 9: Which is an Indian note on which Gandhiji’s photo was not printed?
answer: Some Indian 1 rupee notes did not have a photo of Gandhiji.

Question 10: Why Do Lawyers Wear Black Coat?
Reply: Black is a symbol of blindness and blind people do not show favoritism to anyone, hence the color of lawyer’s coat is black.

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