Get ready to fly to America! 1 lakh vacancy, US Visa time will also be reduced

Don Heflin, Minister of Consular Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​has said that H and L worker visa categories will be opened for one lakh appointments.

The wait for US visa will be less

Image Credit source: PTI

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar recently raised the issue of long wait for visas with his US counterpart Antony Blinken. At the same time, now its effect is also being seen. The US Embassy in New Delhi has now US Visa Have started working towards reducing the time taken to meet. Actually, recently news came that Indians have to wait for two years for US visa, while for China this visa application is being settled in just two days. Because of this, India was very angry.

Don Heflin, Minister of Consular Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​said on Thursday that staff at consulates in India are expected to return to pre-Covid levels in less than a year. He said that steps like appointing temporary staff and allowing drop boxes (people who already had US visas, but that expired within a certain time frame) would not require an appointment would lead to an interim waiting period. Will help cut.

One lakh people will be appointed

Don Heflin further said that in the next few weeks, one lakh appointments of H and L worker visa category will be started. The reason for waiting for the visa for a long time was told to Kovid. The US embassy said that in less than a year, the staff will come down to the pre-covid level i.e. 100 percent.

Earlier this week, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, taking up the matter with his US counterpart Blinken, offered cooperation to US officials to reduce the backlog in India.

70 percent of the staff is working now

Consular Affairs Minister Heflin said, ‘The good news is that we have recovered from Kovid and post-Covid staff problems are being resolved. At the peak of Kovid and then after that we had about 50 per cent visa staff. Now we have up to 70 per cent staff. We are going to do 100% staffing before this time next year.

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He said, ‘At one point of time we are again going to handle visa applications up to 100 percent like before Kovid.’ As the staff in the US Embassy will increase. By the way, the time taken for visa will be reduced.