Getting the FD in these 5 banks gives the highest profit, you can also benefit like this

Fixed deposits have always been the first choice of retail investors. In the last few years, there has been a decrease in the interest rate on it, despite this it is a favorite of investment, why it is considered a safe means of investment. In this article, you are going to give information about 5 banks that offer the highest interest on fixed deposits.

Yes Bank is currently offering an interest rate of 3.50 to 6.75 percent. 3.50% for 7-14 days, 4% for 15-45 days, 4.50% for 46-90 days, 5% for 3-6 months, 5.50% for 6-9 months, 9-12 months For 5.75 per cent, 6.25 per cent for 1-2 years, 6.50 per cent for 2-3 years, 6.75 per cent for 3-10 years is offering interest. This is for an amount of less than 2 crores. (This data has been picked up from the bank market website which is updated till the month of April.)

United Bank of India

United Bank of India is offering interest rate up to 4-6.50 per cent, IndusInd Bank up to 3-6.50 per cent, UCO Bank up to 3-6.50 per cent, United Bank of India up to 4-6.50 per cent and SBM Bank from 3.25 per cent to 6.50 per cent. . United Bank 4 per cent for 7-60 days, 4.50 per cent for 61-90 days, 5 per cent for 91-180 days, 5.75 per cent for 181-269 days. From 270 days to 1 year, 6 percent interest rate is available. 6.50 percent for 1 year, 6.25 percent for 1-2 years, 6.25 percent for 2-3 years, 6 percent for 3-5 years and 6 percent interest rate for 5 years or more. This interest rate is for deposits below 2 crore.

IndusInd Bank Interest Rate

IndusInd Bank is giving an interest rate of 3% for 30 days. 3.40 per cent for 31–45 days, 3.75 per cent for 46–60 days, 4 per cent for 61–90 days, 4.25 per cent for 91–120 days, 4.50 per cent for 121–180 days, 181–210 days. 5.25 percent for 211–269 days, 5.50 percent for 270–1 years, 5.75 percent for 1–3 years, 6.50 percent for 1–3 years, 6.50 percent for 36–61 months, 6.25 percent for more than 61 months, and indus. The tax saver scheme which will be for more than five years gives a return of 6.50 percent.

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