GHKKPM 8 June Written Update: Will Sai-Virat’s relationship break because of Pakhi? Read full update of the show

Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin) Today you will see that Sai says to Pakhi that “Why do you always keep spying on Virat sir, why are you always after him”. Pakhi gets angry at Sai that she cannot talk to him like this. Bhavini ji and Sonali ji say that “why is she putting such blame on Pakhi, she is the educated daughter-in-law of this house”. But Ashwini ji says that “Sai never speaks like this”.

Just then Virat comes there, he asks Sai what has happened here. Pakhi says that “Virat tell all of you that Sai fought with you last night and why you slept outside with pillow and sheet. You”, but Sai says I will not keep quiet when someone tells me.

Sai and Pakhi came face to face

Everyone tells Sai a lot, Pakhi tells Sai to go to her college because she wants peace but Sai says she won’t go today until this matter is resolved forever. She stops Pakhi from going to her room and asks what kind of relationship she has with Virat, as she always tries to humiliate Sai for every little thing”.


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Ashwini ji and Virat try to silence Sai, but Sai accuses Virat and says that “he intentionally left the room, so that Pakhi can make drama about this matter and insult her today”. Sai tells in front of everyone “that Pakhi did not want to marry Samrat Dada because of her relationship with Virat, but still they got married and now she is waiting for the chance to marry Virat. Everyone gets shocked hearing it.

Tomorrow you will see that Virat says that if you want to increase the talk with incomplete things, then it is okay for me not to be part of it.

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