Ghost Teachers are teaching ‘ghosts’ in Pakistan! what is their story

A large population of children in Pakistan do not go to school. These children have also been kept away from basic education. Ghost teachers are somewhere responsible for this. Let us know who these people are.

A student studying in a Pakistani school

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Pakistan is recognized worldwide as a bad country. Here the condition of plight is such that children do not even get education and teachers are enjoying life. Pakistan There is a large population of children who do not go to school. According to UNICEF report, there are 22 million children in Pakistan who do not go to school. The age of these children is between 5 and 16 years. This testifies that the country with a population of 22 crores is in such a bad condition that it is not able to provide even education to its children.

Actually, Pakistan spends a lot on weapons, but keeps its people deprived of basic facilities. Pakistan’s education system is given less funds than needed. But Ghost Teachers are enjoying the funds that they get. There are not only Ghost Teachers in the neighboring country, but Ghost Schools are also running here. In such a situation, the question arises whether these teachers are teaching ‘ghosts’. Let us know what these two things are and how the future of the children is going dark due to this.

What are Ghost Teachers?

By hearing the name of ‘ghost teachers’, do not think that they are ‘ghost teachers’. Actually, ‘ghost teachers’ are those teachers, who are present only on paper. All facilities including salary are given to them by the government. But these people never come to school to teach children. The presence of ghost teachers in any country is a proof of how widespread fraud and corruption is in the education system. Because of these teachers, the future of the children is being eroded, because there is no one to teach them.

What are Ghost Schools?

There are not only ghost teachers in Pakistan, but there are also ghost schools. The number of these schools in the neighboring country is also very high. If understood in simple language, then Ghost School is a school which does not exist. This school has never been built. However, the government maintains that the school has been built. Funds have also been released for this. But midway this fund was embezzled.

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How many ghost teachers in Pakistan?

According to media reports, the number of ghost teachers in Pakistan can be close to one lakh. Recently it was told that in Sindh province of Pakistan alone there are 11,000 ghost teachers. Due to the salary of these teachers, there is also a lot of pressure on the Sindh government.