Gitanjali Shree wins International Booker Prize for Tomb of Sand, first Hindi book to win the title

Gitanjali Shree wins International Booker Prize

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Geetanjali Shree’s Tomb of Sand: Author Geetanjali Shree has been awarded the International Booker Prize for her book. The book was originally published in Hindi as Reet Samadhi.

Indian writer Gitanjali Shree (Indian writer Geetanjali Shree) and American translator Daisy Rockwell on Thursday won the International Booker Prize for the novel Tomb of Sand (International Booker Prize) has won. This of Gitanjali Shree book Originally published in Hindi as Sand Samadhi. Which has been translated into English, Tomb of Sand, by Daisy Rockwell. Five other books were also in competition for the £50,000 literary prize. The prize money will be divided between the writer and the translator.

Originally written in Hindi language, this is the first book that has won such a big title. While Geetanjali Shri is from Delhi, Daisy Rockwell is from Vermont. Translator Frank Veeny, who was on the panel of judges, said the judges chose ‘Tomb of Sand’ for a lot of deliberation. This book tells the story of an elderly widow woman, who shares her experiences of 1947 during the partition of India and Pakistan. Veni has said that despite the scary experiences being told, it is a very interesting book.

beat five other books

He said, ‘In this very serious issues as well as stories of grief, loss and death have been told. This book is extraordinarily very funny. Shree’s book has won the title by defeating five other books. These include Cursed Bunny written by Bora Chung. Which has been translated from Korean by Anton Hur. Also in the run was A New Name: Septology VI-VII by John Fosse, translated from Norwegian by Damien Sears.

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Published by Axis Press

Talking about this title, the International Booker Prize is given every year for translated fiction stories published in Britain and Ireland. The purpose behind this is to advance the content related to fiction. Veni said that the translated literature is not like any cod liver oil, which is considered good. On the other hand, talking about Tomb of Sand, it has been published in Britain by the publisher Axis Press. Its founding translator is Deborah Smith. Who won the International Booker Prize in 2016 for translating Hans Kang’s ‘The Vegetarian’. However, the novel has not yet been published in the US.