Give advice to the finance minister for the budget, the government has asked you for suggestions, share your idea like this

Preparation for the budget has intensified. Recently, the Finance Minister met industry and farmer organizations and sought their suggestions. Like every year, now in this episode, the government is seeking suggestions from the common people as well.

Help the finance minister in making the budget

Preparations have intensified regarding the upcoming budget. The Finance Ministry is conducting pre-budget discussions with industry and leading organizations across the country to prepare the budget. To increase the participation of common people in the budget, the government has now sought suggestions and ideas from common people. If you also have any advice or idea regarding the upcoming budget, then you can convey it to the government. Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman shared the way to participate in the budget process through tweet.

how can you give your opinion

You can give your ideas and suggestions by visiting On the main page itself, you will find a link to share ideas in Budget 2023-24. You must login to send your ideas. If you are not already registered, then you will have to register, you can also log in through mobile or email. You have to give your mobile number or email id and with the help of OTP you can send your suggestion. The time for suggestion has begun. Citizens of India are sending their suggestions from 24th November. If you also want to send your suggestion, you can send it by 10th December.

Suggestions are sought every year

Along with asking for suggestions, the government has written that in order to increase public participation in the country, the Ministry of Finance seeks suggestions from the citizens of India every year and you know that the government has also included many suggestions in the budget. According to the government, the citizens of India should give such suggestions which will help in making India a big economic power in the world. The general budget will be presented in early February next year, the finance minister has already said that this year’s budget will focus on the delicate balance of boosting growth and reducing inflation. Means such steps which on one hand increase the growth but on the other hand do not allow inflation to increase. If you also have such an idea, then immediately send your suggestion to the Finance Minister.