Gold Price: Gold shines intact, may go beyond 60000 next week

Gold is so gold… I wish everyone gives returns like gold. The way gold prices are increasing everyday. People are thinking that they wish they had invested in gold. Its price has crossed 59,000, now due to these reasons it is also expected to cross the level of Rs 60,000 next week.

Gold is so gold… I wish everyone gives returns like gold.

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People investing in gold are cutting silver these days. Nowadays, this combination of ‘gold-silver’ has reached people’s personal life after coming out of Chyawanprash, and it is not aware of the health of the body, but it is taking good care of the health of people’s pockets. Now its price has crossed Rs 59,000 per 10 grams. While next week it is expected to cross the level of Rs 60,000 for the first time. Why after all…?

On Friday, the gold price on MCX reached a lifetime high of Rs 59,461 per 10 grams during the day’s trading. At the same time, till the close of business in the evening, its price stood at Rs 59,420 per 10 grams. Compared to Thursday, the futures price of gold for April closed with a gain of Rs 1,414.

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Will jump 60000 next week

These days there is a fast trend in the gold and silver market. The reason for this is the storm in the banking sector of America and Europe, which has shaken the stock markets of the whole world. That’s why the price of gold is continuously rising. On Friday it crossed Rs 59,000.

Earlier, it had reached an all-time high of Rs 58,847 per 10 grams on February 2. Gold prices started softening after February. In the early days of March, the price of gold fell to 55 thousand rupees.

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According to a news from ET, gold price on MCX may cross Rs 60,000 level next week. Anuj Gupta, Vice President, Commodity Research, IIFL Securities, has placed a futures price target of Rs 60,200 for gold on MCX for April.

Sona became everyone’s ‘father’ in return

If at present, the calculation of returns on all types of investments is done, then it will be known that he has become the ‘father’ of all. Since the beginning of this year, till now the price of gold has increased by Rs 4,366 i.e. up to 8 percent.

On the other hand, if gold has given a return of 6.51 percent in the month of March alone. A rise of up to Rs 3,628 has been recorded in its price. However, in the meantime, the future price of silver has also increased by 3 percent. The May futures price of silver has increased by Rs 2,118 per kg to Rs 68,649 per kg.

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