Gold Price Today: There is a sharp fall in the prices of gold and silver, know where the prices reached today

Fears of escalating tensions between China and the US have worsened sentiments among investors and gold prices declined amid no change in the dollar.

Sharp fall in gold and silver prices

There has been a fall in the prices of gold and silver today. According to experts, due to the fear of new tensions between Russia and China, sentiments among investors have deteriorated and prices have fallen. today with the fall Sleep has come down from the level of 52 thousand. At the same time, silver prices have also come down below the level of 59 thousand.

Where did gold and silver reach

According to the information given by HDFC Securities, on Tuesday, the price of gold in Delhi NCR fell by Rs 289 per 10 grams to Rs 51,877, a day earlier, gold was at the level of Rs 52166 per 10 grams. Today silver also declined by Rs 841 per 10 grams to Rs 58,480 per 10 grams, in the previous trading session silver was at the level of Rs 59,321 per 10 grams. In the international market, gold and silver remained close to the previous levels, gold was at $ 1771 an ounce and silver was at $ 20.25 an ounce. HDFC Securities Senior Commodities Analyst Tapan Patev said that gold lost its opening edge today after fears of escalating tensions between the US and China.

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What is the tension between America and China

America and China are face to face on the issue of Taiwan. Actually the Speaker of the US Parliament Nancy Pelosi is going to visit Taiwan. The dates of his visit are not fixed, although Taiwanese media claims that he can reach Taiwan only on Tuesday. At the same time, the US has deployed its aircraft carrier near the Taiwan border and fighter jets on the island of Guam. On the other hand, the Chinese army has started its exercises in the Taiwan Strait. China has banned passenger planes from entering the area. It is believed that China is taking this step to stop Pelosi’s visit. China has also threatened that this tour will worsen the situation. These signs are causing panic among investors.