Gold Silver Today: Gold became cheaper again today, now you have to pay only this much for 10 grams

The trend of falling gold prices continues. On Tuesday, buying gold became cheaper in the national capital Delhi. However, the prices of silver have increased. The price of one kilogram of silver is still below Rs 62 thousand. Experts say that due to falling international prices, it became cheaper to buy gold in the domestic market. The prices may fall further in the coming days. Because the activities related to the economy have improved around the world. That is why the trend of people has shifted from gold to the stock market.

New Gold Price (Gold Price, 14 September 2021)-

In Delhi’s bullion market, the price of gold of 99.9 percent has fallen by Rs 36 to Rs 45,888 on Tuesday. Whereas, on Monday the price was Rs 45,924 per ten grams.

At the same time, the prices of gold have also declined in the international market. In the international market, it has come down to $ 1,788 an ounce.

New Silver Price (Silver Price, 15 September 2021)-

Unlike gold, silver has gained momentum. On Tuesday, the price of silver has increased by Rs 73 per kg in the Delhi bullion market. The price of silver has increased from Rs 61,838 per kg to Rs 61,911 per kg. Internationally, silver prices are stable at $ 23.68 an ounce without any change.

Why Gold Becomes Cheap (Gold Price Down)

HDFC Securities Senior Analyst (Commodities) Tapan Patel says that the strengthening of rupee has affected gold prices. At the same time, international prices are falling rapidly.

Is gold fake or real in minutes

Keep in mind that gold does not have magnetic properties, or rather, it is not attracted to a magnet. If your jewel starts pulling towards the magnet, then understand that it is fake, whereas if there is no effect of the magnet on that jewelry, then it will pass in the first round of testing.

Junk is never found on gold, so if junk is seen on gold, then understand that it is fake and such fake gold will be attracted towards the magnet.

There is a special thing about gold that it is a hard metal, so it can be tested for floating. Take some water in a bucket and then put your gold jewelery in that water.

If your jewelery sinks, then it is understood that it has also passed the floating test, but if it starts floating, then understand that the shop owner has sold you fake gold by calling it real.

Nitric acid has no effect on real gold. However, if it is copper, zinc, sterling silver or something else, then the effect of nitric acid will be seen on it.

To test, slightly scratch the jewelry and pour nitric acid on it. If it is gold then it will not be affected. However, be very careful while doing this test, otherwise the acid can harm you.

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