Good Night India: Now Sugandha Mishra also joined the show, once again came to make everyone laugh

Sugandha Mishra is one of the best comedian of India. She always wins everyone’s heart with her comedy. By the way, let us tell you that Sugandha is a comedian as well as a singer.

Sugandha Mishra

The word ‘funny’ has become even more funny because Sugandha Mishra (Sugandha Mishra) Goodnight India is reaching (Goodnight India) inside the house. In this show, she will be seen having fun and laughing with Amit Tandon and Jiya Shankar. Goodnight India is a show that brings happiness to the people and the whole family can sit together and enjoy it. In this show, Sugandha Mishra will make the audience laugh and entertain a lot with her unique style and songs of mimicry. Along with this, another aspect of his personality will also be seen in the show, which will give the audience a chance to get to know him more closely. His presence in the show will surely make it even more fun and full of humour.

Sugandha Mishra is a well-known personality in the world of comedy. She will soon grace the stage of Goodnight India and she is going to make the night even more fun with her amazing comic timing. This episode will bring out yet another aspect of her comic style as she shows herself and her thoughts as fun as possible. Excited to join the show, Sugandha Mishra said, “It gives me great pleasure to be back on the channel and be a part of Sony SAB’s ‘Goodnight India’.

wanted to be a part of this show

The comedian further said, ‘I have been watching this show since the first episode and this show is so interesting that you would not even think that it is over. I really wanted to be a part of this show and now that I have come on this show, my happiness knows no bounds. I have seen Amit’s performance on many social media platforms and I really like his acting as he does clean comedy and there is a lot of family bonding in his acts and now that I am married, I really like his jokes. I can see it by connecting it with my personal life and when a joke is similar to your personal life.

‘It’s really fun. It was a pleasure meeting him in person today. I have indeed been a part of such a segment after a long time and that too in my original form. It was very difficult, because I neither did any mimicry nor sang any song in it. Today I just expressed my views and I would like to urge the audience to watch ‘Goodnight India’ and laugh a lot with us.’

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