Goodnight Oppy Released on Amazon Prime Video is based on Nasa’s Opportunity journey from Mars How to watch

Everyday you and I get new and interesting information about Mars. All this is possible through the space missions sent there. One such mission was sent to Mars in the year 2003. The American space agency NASA started the mission on July 7 with the Opportunity Rover. The Opportunity rover was destroyed after 15 years of exploration on Mars. Steven Spielberg has prepared this entire journey in the form of a documentary. If you are interested in science documentaries amidst the discussion of South Indian films like Kantara, then you can watch Goodnight Oppy.

The journey of the Opportunity rover is shown in the film. The 1 hour 45 minute documentary offers spectacular views of Mars. It doesn’t seem like it, everything has been recreated. The film also includes footage of scientists and engineers who relive the launch. It has been shown to what extent the engineers worked hard in making the rover. There are also interviews with scientists who reveal how close the Opportunity rover was to their hearts.

Opportunity Rover is one such documentary, which has been prepared with the help of famous people of Hollywood and NASA. Archive footage for the documentary came from NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is surprising to know that this rover was prepared for a journey of only 90 days, but it continued to work for about 15 years. By the time the rover came to an end, it had traveled 45.16 km.

In 2018, Opportunity stopped communication due to a dust storm on Mars. NASA scientists on earth stopped getting reply from this. On 13 February 2019, NASA announced that the mission was completed. The last data that the OP rover transmitted went viral on the internet. The documentary shows that NASA engineers and scientists became emotional during the last moments of the Opportunity rover.

Goodnight Oppy amazon prime video (Prime Video) has released.



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