Google Announces Headphones Will Be Paired With Android TV And Chromebooks Like Phones

Google is bringing many updates for Android users. The company announced this on Wednesday. The purpose of these updates is to make the technology convenient. As part of the updates, Android TVs, Chromebooks and smart home devices can now be ‘fast pair’ with Bluetooth headphones, just like smartphones. The company is also developing technology to automatically switch headphone audio from Android devices to tablets. Google has also announced the quick setup of Chromebook with Android phone. Similarly, with the help of smartwatch based on Wear OS, users will also be able to unlock Chromebook and Android devices.

Fast Pair for Android phones has been around since November 2017. With its help, Bluetooth headphones can be quickly connected to the smartphone. By partnering with multiple manufacturers and bringing new experiences, Google plans to expand its fast pairing to new devices.

Google has said that users will be able to automatically connect their Fast Pair-enabled Bluetooth headphones to Chromebooks with a single click in the coming weeks. Apart from Chromebooks, ‘Fast Pair’ will also work with smart TVs based on Google TV or Android TV platform in the next few months. This advantage will help users to connect their headphones to the TV faster. Steps do not have to be followed. Smart home devices will also get support for Fast Pair in the coming weeks.

Google has also revealed that it is developing a technology for Bluetooth-enabled headphones. With this help, users can automatically switch the audio of their headphones on the device they are using. For example, if you are watching a movie on your Android tab with headphones connected. In the meantime, when you receive a call on your phone, the movie will stop and the headphone audio will automatically switch to the Android phone. After the call is disconnected, the audio will return to the tab and you will be able to watch the movie without following any steps.

The company has also said that in the coming times, users will be able to quickly setup Android phones with their new Chromebook. This will give instant access to things like Google login and Wi-Fi passwords on the Chromebook. The user does not have to type anything separately. This feature will go live by the end of this year. However, the company has not said whether all Chromebook models and Android versions will get this update.



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